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Does physical therapy help you?

For some people, like yours truly, physical therapy is an important part of their treatment plan. For others… not so much. Where do you fall on the spectrum?

Back in January, we asked our rare disease community about the types of therapies they’ve tried to treat their rare disease. Physical therapy was the most popular answer with 34% of votes, while geriatric was the least popular answer at 2%.

Have you tried any of these therapies before? If so, share your experience in the comments. If you haven’t tried any of them, let us know what’s getting in the way of this part of your treatment journey.

Wishing you a low-symptom day!

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Torn Ankle ligament + PsA, advice on getting through healing? #PsoriaticArthritis #Injury

I tore the atfl ligament in my left ankle. My left knee (for knee crutches or knee scooters) is in bad shape from PsA and hurts badly. My right hip is also in bad shape. I’ve tried the knee crutch but I fell backwards and I’m scared to try again. Any advice on mobility aids or just surviving this recovery?


What now?

I had finally got to the point where I thought my chronic pain was somewhat stable. Of course, life likes to throw a spanner in the works.

On Tuesday, my housemates wouldn’t take the bin out. It has to be taken down some stairs, and I had told them before I really shouldn’t be taking it down. Unfortunately, we got to late at night and nobody still has taken it out and the only person still up refused. So I took it out.

Bad decision. My body gave in right near the end, and the bin fell on top of me. At the time, the pain wasn’t too bad. But the next morning, I woke up and couldn’t move, not even to grab painkillers. And I’ve woken up every day since then with restrictions on my movement. It always gets better by the afternoon/ evening to the point where I can move pretty much normally (not without pain, but when you live w/ chronic pain you’re used to it) just with a bit of a limp.

And that stayed stable. Until tonight where I’m getting pain. It hurts to breathe, to bend down, to walk. But it’s not taking-painkillers-time pain (though I’ve taken some for my cold symptoms). It’s aching and slightly-painful pain. And I’m questioning- what’s the plan now? Because this was always something I was afraid of and I never planned for it.

The joys of living with chronic pain/ permanent injuries.

#ChronicPain #vertebrae #Injury #BackPain #Backinjury #chronicpainlife

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PTSD Is An Injury

When traumatic events happen in our lives, we are put into fight, flight or freeze mode. This is a built-in survival mechanism that allows us to endure circumstances that are not normal. It may be a sudden loss, an accident or tragedy, or an assault or attack of some kind. Whatever it may be, most humans are guaranteed to experience some form of trauma in their lives, often very early. Because of the fight, flight or freeze mechanism, our mind checks out as a means of protecting itself. As our lives move forward and we begin to experience situations that trigger memories of the trauma, PTSD emerges weeks, months or years later. It’s not an illness that anyone gave us at birth and we didn’t contract it. PTSD occurs due to our direct experiences with abnormal circumstances and is therefore an injury, and should be treated as such. Other conditions that have long been labeled as mental illnesses, like borderline personality disorder and dissociative identity disorder, are being found more and more to have direct links to traumatic events.

My question to The Mighty community and the world is this. At what point do we stop treating people who aren’t terminally sick as if they are, and begin making the world around us a safer place that causes less trauma from the start? #PTSD #CPTSD #Injury #MentalIllnessStigma #Trauma

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#depressed pet lover feeling sorry for herself - #Pets #Falling #Injury #Pain #Grief #MedicalMarijuana

I'm #fat . I'm also very unsteady; I have spatial equilibrium issues and my ankles roll inward when I walk/stand and are bad at maintaining my balance. I guess it's not surprising that, when attempting to bring boxes indoors, I tripped (wearing sandals, catching on the door frame) and flew headfirst into the entryway wall, my chest hitting more boxes, ending up on my butt. What may be a simple fall for some people isn't so simple for me. As much as that hurt, what hurt even worse was trying to stand back up by putting my weight on one of my knees. That knee is now having nerve spasms and is sensitive to the touch. It's red and hot and the skin feels electric, in the worst way. I may have septic bursitis, but I may not know until I get in to see a doctor, an impossibility this week, the week we will have to put down our dog.

The only thing that's helped this lingering, frequent pain was medical marijuana, but I can't keep popping gummies, wasting the day. (If it kills pain, it "kills" my brain. I haven't found a variety that helps numb the pain without numbing my brain and making things fuzzy.)

We said goodbye to our most beloved cat around two months ago. Mourning is now my modus operandi. I know little else. If it's not painful, how do I even know if I'm awake?

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Falling over #Depression #Injury #MentalHealth #Anxiety #Relationships #Pain

I tripped yesterday on some cabling and landed badly on my new knee replacement. Today I am paying a high price for the accident with ridiculous pain. Nothing anyone can do but would really appreciate prayer.

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#hi #Hello #goodevening #hardday #inneed #Injury #injured #needhelp #HomeCare

Hi there, friends🙋 #mighties #mightywarriors knee went out last Friday (a week ago) & my Homecare Company has abandoned me. I usually have a Helper assist me food with shopping, carrying groceries, running errands, etc. ....last Friday,with my Helper, I bought too much ,I guess. My knee went out carrying too much weighty groceries up my 3 flights of stairs. & I haven't had anyone to get me where I can purchase a cane & knee brace. I am afraid to leave the apartment more than ever, now. And refuse to without assistance. Until I get a cane & knee brace.


Still struggling

Still struggling with sleeping because of the mucus. It gets frustrating. It’s not acid reflux as gaviscon doesn’t make a difference with it.

Could be allergies but I’m struggling to remember to take my allergy tablets (I’ve forgotten my prescription tablets enough times so it comes as no surprise) so I end up suffering.

I’ve not been feeling well today. Achy chest when I woke up, and I don’t know I just really didn’t feel 100% up until a few hours after work. These days suck. Paracetamol got rid of the headache but that was about it. And another one came on 2 hours later.

Also been having reminders that my chronic pain is still there (apparently I forgot!). I’m just thankful it’s nowhere near as bad as it used to be.

I don’t know if I mentioned before, but I started having the starts of/ very minor panic attacks again. I ended up taking my fluoxetine earlier today. It’s just a bit of a rough patch at the moment. I’m lucky enough it’s rare for them to be full blown ones. I do everything to try and avoid those because I’ve been physically unwell as a result of one many years ago and it’s never left my mind (I have emetophobia, I don’t like even using the word).

In brighter news my hip is better now, bar some aches sometimes. I did have to use voltarol at it’s worst (that stuff is expensive so I try to avoid using it) which worked miracles for a bit (the pain was greatly reduced and it worked really quickly, so I was a very happy girl then).

#ChronicPain #Pain #Injury #Allergies #Anxiety #PanicAttacks #ill #Emetophobia #BackPain


Naturally a clutz!

I’m such a natural clutz that I cause myself injuries doing normal stuff as I normally do it!

Yesterday I was walking and suddenly had my hip hurting. Absolutely no clue how or why, other than I was walking over slippery mud at the time and I now have a little bit of a bump around where I get the pain.

But ever since then, I’ve been in pain with my hip. It hurts to walk and it hurts to even sit down! So it was fun and games at work with my boss sarcastically saying to take time off. I neither want to or can afford to be unemployed so I’ve been working anyway.

Was hoping ibuprofen would make things better but it wasn’t of any benefit to me once it did kick in, so I think I’ll use voltarol or something instead tomorrow. Fun times.

Getting a little congested (that’s what I’m told by family it’s called) again but still better than it was.

#hippain #Injury #Pain #Injury



So I tried to unscrew a lightbulb on Sunday and it broke in my hand. Went to a&e and they tried everything but couldn’t get one bit of glass out. Have an appointment in the morning to see plastics dept. to get it out (they didn’t say how but I feel it’s gonna suck). Finally got to sleep on two tramadol only for my (lovely, now feeling guilty) partner to roll onto my hand in his sleep. Now wide awake and in pain but can’t take another for hours. I am not in a good mood. #EhlersDanlosSyndrome #Anxiety #Hospitals #Glass #Injury #hands #Pain #HypermobileTypeEDS #HEDS #tramadol #PainKillers #Sleep #Insomnia #PlasticSurgery