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Sacroiliac Pain with SPD

Only you guys will know the pain I have on standing as my symphysis and my Sacroiliac joints all come out of place at once 🙈. The noise is unreal but the pain is on another level. I get my pelvic brace in April and it can not come a day too soon. I feel like I am bruised and so sore I can not even have a massage on my lower back. I struggle to lift my legs the signal goes to my brain but when it gets to my legs the ligaments are that loose it is exhausting just trying to lift one leg. I can not stay bed bound much longer as it is driving me wild. I need to be outside in the spring weather sat by the mountain stream reading in my garden. They say it is invisible but it is only invisible because I hide away
#Hypermobility #EDS #bendybunch #ChronicPain #

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Bilateral swelling of ligaments and tendons

Hey bendy friends. I am at the end of my tether with the doctors and so called specialists. I have swelling in my tendons and ligaments that are identical on both sides but apparently there is nothing wrong ? Any way because it’s both sides and because it’s not just one side I have been fobbed off yet again. Please tell me it’s part of being bendy ? I did suspect rheumatoid arthritis but my bloods are not showing this according to the go ( I know you can still have RA without the factor in your blood but the doctor isn’t having any of it).
Picture of our new rescue dog because he is cute ❤️

Please tell me I am not going mad ?

#bendybunch #EDS #Inflamation #Tendons #ligaments #medicalgaslighting #Feelinglost #lookingforanswers

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KTape is a mainstay of my #Hypermobility self care and pain reduction

I have been having leg and ankle pain with over-pronation (or maybe supination? I always forget which is which). Ankle braces are either too tight or too unsupportive. KTape has been a God send. 🙏 Does anyone else use KTape?

#bendybunch #JointHypermobilitySyndrome #PainManagement


Blessing or curse?

Trying to decide if being bendy is a blessing or a curse this winter.....
Today it saved me from a head injury, but in return I injured my wrist. If I weren’t bendy I wouldn’t have been able to finish catching myself when I was slipping on ice and would’ve ended with both a head and wrist injury.
Granted it appears my case is mild, but any input from others? I also only seem to have internal comorbidities at this time that aren’t very severe.

#EhlersDanlosSyndrome #HypermobileType #bendybunch #Winter