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The mask I wear

The mask I wear
It hides my dispare

It shadows the pain
That makes me insane

The mask has become a part of me
It is only the exterior you see

The interior is much more scary
I will tell you this now, you must be weary

As my Bipolar mind
Is often unkind

If you dive deep within my soul
Where no one dare go

You will find the monster called Beau
And I will have you know

Unlike his name, Beau is free from grace
He has a beastly face

The mask helps conceal
The beast from becoming real

So I keep it on
All day long

It shackles me down
A wave hits and I drown

So, the mask I wear
Will it always be there?

You are no good for me Beau
And I will have you know

I am taking off the mask
And I will make it a priority task

To rid of you
And all the things you make me feel, so true

It is time to wear a mask so pretty
Behind it, is Kitty

A woman, polite
A woman who can fight

A woman like me
A woman like Cherie

Cherie L Davies.

#MightyPoets #Themaskiwear #Bipolar #BipolarDepression #BipolarDisorder #Depression


The mask that is me

As I wake within the morning, I feel you looming just outside my consciousness, ready to envelop me with your blinding darkness.

I let my mask lay tattered upon my bedside, as I peer into the mirror at the stranger I have become.

Remnants of my previous days battle paint lay smeared across my face.

I methodically go about my morning like many others, but for me, I prepare to make it through another day. Piling on my armor, gluing that mask on so it’s airtight. Nothing to escape from within and nothing to penetrate from the outside.

From the clothes I pick, to the words I tell myself, each be a mask, a bandaid, to cover each wound, to sew up that gash, to coverup all the scars.

Those scars, the one that people say make us stronger. The hurts that we bury deep down. The pains that we’re not allowed to show in polite society. Sealed in, pushed down, trapped.

You taught me how to be. You showed me the way. You whisper in my ear that the mask is who I am. Your darkness is the puppeteer, and me, well I’m just one of your puppets. #MightyPoets #Depression #Themaskiwear


To be seen #Themaskiwear

I wear my mask when I am here, I wear my mask everywhere. My plastered on smile will fool you, my plastered on smile will pull me through. Pain and sadness never to rise from these eyes.

#MightyPoets #highschoolpoem #11yearsago #throwback