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    Which area of your life does your bipolar impact the most?

    From employment to body image, dating to maintaining personal relationships, we know bipolar symptoms can affect life in many different ways (both good and bad).

    What area of your life has been most negatively impacted by your bipolar? What area has been most positively impacted? Share with us in the comments below. ⬇️

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    Thinking about traveling locally and adopting a dog to help depression

    I am 24 years old. I have had depression most of my life. It really became severe when my mom passed away earlier this year. She died expectedly two months before my wedding. I hadn’t seen her in almost 3 years. Last time was summer 2019. I was supposed to visit in 2020 but COVID happened. She also had cancer at the time so my whole family was very cautious about social distancing from her until doctors said she no longer has cancer. I was so happy to hear that but then a week later she died from something else and it broke me completely. I have since been diagnosed with Bipolar disorder as well. My anger is sometimes uncontrollable. I unintentionally get mad for dumb reasons and my husband tries so hard to make me happy. I also am unemployed and looking for work since a year of graduating masters.
    I am very depressed now and feel useless like I have no purpose. I wanted to get a dog but my past experience scarred me. We had gotten one a few weeks after my mom passed and honeslty it was a mistake because I couldn’t even get out of bed to care for it. My husband would go to work and only be home in the evenings. We surrendered the dog back to the shelter we adopted it from. I felt so guilty (still do) but it is a no kill shelter and he got adopted again within a few weeks.
    Now that I have been able to get out of bed for the last couple of months I have been trying to adopt another dog. I have taken care of my in laws dogs for a while in between to help them out and my husband said I was really happy when we had the dog around. I am wanting to adopt again but will do so after traveling. Thing is, it has been hard finding the right dog. My husband doesn’t want a high energy dog or puppy.
    I was also thinking of traveling locally to maybe Colorado or somewhere to get some peace of mind and escape the everyday life where I hardly leave the house.
    I just don’t know what to do anymore. I just don’t want to feel this way. Any advice will help. Thank you for reading
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    How has depression affected your dating and love life?

    From employment to body image, dating to maintaining personal relationships, we know depression symptoms can affect life in many different ways (both good and bad). Stigma, lack of public understanding, and the impact of your condition on your confidence and self-image can all be challenging to navigate in relationships.

    How has depression affected your ability to date and explore romantic relationships? Let’s share and help one another in the comments below. 💌

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    New depression development #Depression #BipolarDepression

    I have had severe clinical depression for multiple years now. When it would hit me extra hard some days, I would mainly be exhausted and numb. Like 'I have been in bed for four days and just breathing is taking up too much energy'.

    Well that has now evolved. Lately I have had periods of time where I am just overwhelmingly sad. I would have an objectively good day and out of nowhere I would just realize that I am extremely sad. Not quite sure how to handle this new development...

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    I was diagnosed with #BipolarDepression in my twenties…I am in my early fifties now. I really had a good therapist and psych, but they were a 3 hour drive away. My parents were my support system. I lost my dad years ago, but I just recently lost my mom. I have no support system. No one else knows. My new psych is young and not on top of things. Meds aren’t working and sleep is all but a memory. I have my dog…she is a good girl and stays right beside me. I have cousins, friends, aunts, and uncles…but not one person I would trust to help me with this. What do you do when you are alone with this?

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    #ECT for #BipolarDepression

    I have been struggling with #BipolarDepression for several years now. I am seeking treatment in a psychiatric hospital and they have suggested #ECT . The doctors make it out to be a magic bullet for treating the depression but I am skeptical. I have tried it in the past but I got panic attacks and wasn’t able to get through a full course of treatment. Now they want me to do 12-18 sessions which feels like a lot.

    Is there anyone here with actual experience with #ECT ? I already know what the doctors say but I’d like to hear from people who have done it themselves.

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    Wish it was over #Rainbowbridge #FuckCancer #dogsshouldliveforever #BipolarDepression #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder

    I had to put two of my best friends down today cause old age and cancer and dementia. They were my babies. I’m in mourning I’m bawling every chance I get. Then calm for a little bit. It was this morning and even though I have two of mine here and my roommates dog the house seems soooo quiet. I want to cut just a little to transferu to the pain. But my hubby and roommate are watching me. I won’t cut. Well one. They hid everything and I know I’ll regret it later and another line to cover up. I miss my boys Emerson and Tyberious (em and ty). I needed to write. My heart is just broken

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