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    Am I crazy?

    What does it mean when you have conversations with yourself. But then think they are actually conversations you have really had….
    I get really confused if I had had those conversations or not… makes me feel a bit crazy. #TheoryOfMind #confused #Selftalk

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    Fear and death ?!

    Which one is real , the illusions in ma head or the illusions that disguise in the human beings around me ?!! I am just confused a little bit about being dead or alive , but if u think ‘bout it clearly , we always knew dead people with living bodies , kids in schools , parents in houses , soldiers in wars , even directors in cinema , it’s just we r zombies ?
    Cuz who the hell on earth imagined zombies for the first time ? Who put the base for this freak with the awful appearance? It just look around you , look closely , deeply , we r zombies , real zombies , in shape of bloody humans with a mighty enemy which is our brains , our thoughts , our illusional lives , we r dead but u people are blind and deaf . #Anxiety #TheoryOfMind #Depression #ChasingLife

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    Theory of Mind

    This week's blog post out now! What is Theory of Mind? It's something I didn't understand until recently, so here's my newly acquired knowledge on it!

    #Autism #TheoryOfMind #AspergersSyndrome #Aspergers

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