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    Scampy McScampFace’s Scamp Life

    Confidence is the preference for Scampy McScampface, a habitual voyeur of what is known as—Scamp Life!

    After Scamp has been rudely awakened he gets some exercise (in the country). At around 2pm, upon their return, Scamp and Little Brofur have their treats. Then, with full bellies they have their naps. So far, so good, cause I like to nap around then too. It gives me an enermous sense of well-being, know what I mean?


    A certain Scamp decides anywhere between 2-3pm onwards that he is feeling more awake; ergo it must dinner time—which unfortunately for him; is 4pm sharp. Thus begins “The Dance of The Scampy McScampface”… only far less sugar plum fairy like, and a bit more hippo 🦛

    Scamp starts off his dance in first position; which is to vigorously wag his tail at me while making engaging huffy noises. Second position involves rubbing himself up against my legs that go hand-in-hand with snorts and borks; ad libbed at his descretion. My job is to be a Tender participant in this elaborate jouer à joue which is the Duke’s ritualist way of conveying “I am awake; therefore I eat” (incidentally he is also a big fan of the pork life 😋)

    It all culminates in a pas de burrées of sorts with him launching himself into my lap, then looking up at me with his Scampy McScampFace full hope, of which I managed to catch a non Blur-ry picture today.

    I’m also pleased to confirm that Scampy McScampFace ate his dinner so he’s far less of a Beetlebum… for the next few hours at least 😆

    #Dogs #MightyPets #DistractMe #Laugh #funny #Fun #LifelimitingIllness #ChasingLife #TheDisabledLife #WhatWeLoveMostAboutLife #scamplife #MightyMusic #Music #Blur #Sleep #SleepDisorders #Insomnia

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    Every Day is a New Day!

    If you can never truly let go of what’s already done, then you aren’t allowing yourself to have a better present or a better future. What we deserve and truly desire in this life is true happiness. To truly be happy is to accept where you are at the time being, and believing that the choices or mistakes you made were made for a reason. For the years that I allowed myself to live in misery because I was stuck in the past, I truly look back on now and wonder why I wasted all that time. When I finally let go of the past, was the exact moment I felt life gave me another chance. One of the easiest yet hardest concepts to grasp I finally learned. For all the years I kept walking through the same cycle, the same old doors stayed open. When I finally learned to let go and accept my circumstances and situations for what it was, the new doors were finally opened to things and people I never imagined possible.
    #Goodmorning #future #Present #Inspiration #Selfcare #ChasingLife #Happiness

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    Hi, it’s been a year #Anxiety #FunctioningDepression

    Well holy moly, it’s been a year since I’ve posted anything on this app. So, let me reintroduce myself…Hi again! My name is Emily. I’m now twenty seven years old and like many, I still struggle with depression, anxiety and other parts of the emotional rollercoaster called LIFE.

    I feel over the past year, parts of me have gotten better at dealing with my highs and lows. I don’t feel I dip as low as I used to or hit high peaks as often as I once did either. I find I’m starting to manage being in the middle of it all. Which I guess is good? I’ve spent many years chasing a happiness that I thought every person had to constantly be. But that’s not how life is. I’ve found people who seem overly happy-go-lucky all the time really annoy me.. because it’s so far from any type of real. At least in my opinion. But atlas, here I am. Im learning to be okay with not being okay some days and also accepting just being. Now don’t get me wrong, some days can be significantly more difficult than others..but, overall I feel more at peace with myself than I have in forever. That may also be due to the fact that im getting older. Whatever the case, im happy to just be and to understand that it’s okay to be just as I am. Im not an overly happy person, but im also not as sad and gloomy as I once was. Im just here. Going through the motions. Trying to live and “adult” as we all do. Yea, I do have happy moments and times, but that doesn’t have to be always. And that’s completely okay. Hope everyone is doing well. Hopefully I’ll make more of an effort to post more again. #ChasingLife #Adulting #Anxiety #MoodDisorders #DepressionIsABitch #Cheers

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    Fear and death ?!

    Which one is real , the illusions in ma head or the illusions that disguise in the human beings around me ?!! I am just confused a little bit about being dead or alive , but if u think ‘bout it clearly , we always knew dead people with living bodies , kids in schools , parents in houses , soldiers in wars , even directors in cinema , it’s just we r zombies ?
    Cuz who the hell on earth imagined zombies for the first time ? Who put the base for this freak with the awful appearance? It just look around you , look closely , deeply , we r zombies , real zombies , in shape of bloody humans with a mighty enemy which is our brains , our thoughts , our illusional lives , we r dead but u people are blind and deaf . #Anxiety #TheoryOfMind #Depression #ChasingLife


    Enjoy this free ride called Life

    Put on your helmet. Put on your seat belt and hang on. #MentalHealth #ChasingLife #strength #

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    How many of you feel that way? #ChronicDepression #ChronicAnxiety #ChronicIlless #ChasingLife

    I'm 24 and this post really describes what I feel. Does anyone else get that too?

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    Pausing to fall apart
    Allowing my free fall
    is my attempt to save my life
    To make that choice to live
    & press on toward “less desperate”
    To Focus on what is beautiful
    On What brings joy

    Not denying
    But allowing pain
    And dark to roll over and through me
    Exhausting me, but not destroying.

    If I can be still
    If I can pause long enough to breath...

    When I can take in enough oxygen
    That my chest doesn’t feel compressed

    Maybe then I will have learned to live again

    #Depression #Anxiety #ChasingLife


    I want to propose an idea.

    “Life is a harsh sentence to give to ones self”. Words that shook something in my head a few weeks ago. Tbh we both know you are your biggest critic. You tear yourself apart worse than your peers. And it’s not always easy to see the full picture of what’s around you from inside your own head.
    So, I propose an idea, an experiment you could call it. Get on your pj’s and fuzzy socks or your prettiest dress, your highest heels or vibrant eye shadow. Whatever makes you feel confident. Then put on your favorite anthem. The song that gets you in your feels, the song that triggers your party moves, or the Disney song you just new Zac Efron was singing to you in middle school. Give yourself that 2 minute song to scream the lyrics and dance your feelings out. Then you can go back to hiding in the sheets or crying in the corner. But for a minute let yourself be reminded of the life that’s inside you. Let that little girl or boy out from inside who only ever wanted to play and explore.
    Any time you feel yourself becoming your own warden, take 2 minutes to run and dance before you catch yourself again. The sentence you give yourself can always be lifted, even if just momentarily. One day it will feel more and more natural to lift the shame and hurt off your shoulders and dance through life. But for today, give yourself those 2 minutes and see what happens. I believe you’re worth it.
    #Depression #Selflove #Selfharm #Anxiety #ChasingLife


    Passing me by.. #ChasingLife #ChiariMalformation #LearnToLetGo #BrainInjury

    I hate that my life is passing me by while I’m in a daze, unable to be fully present with people I love and experiences That should be wonderful memories to cherish. It’s just not fair to my family for me to be like this, I know that I do my best at this time but I miss the old me soo much.
    I still isolate myself from others for fear of being a burden. I live my life in slow motion but around me everything is speeding by and it terrifies me how much of life I am missing.”