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At My Wits End

My husband died, if that’s not grief enough… he left his life insurance to my sons ex girlfriend. Now I get to lose my house of23 years and I’m out of money. What a world. It may sound petty to some but I just don’t what to do #confused and exhausted

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I'M Feeling down. #Depression

The comment the person left on my post, i deleted. It's been bothering me all day.I was starting to think the user was right. But then i think no. #confused

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Im still unfamiliar with this app...if I don't respond to you I'm sorry. I'll figure yout

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ADHD, normal puberty or too much stress?

I'm so confused at this point. I don't know, if my traits and symptoms come from undiagnosed ADHD, puberty or the years of too much stress. The thing is, stress won't get much better for the next 3 years because I'm going to move out to be able to dance more and still graduating school (I'm 16 yrs old). I'm book smart and never had issues with that, but I struggle with always coming late (poor understanding/sense of time...) forgetting that my friends and family existif don'tseeing them, sensory overload and hyperacusis, and putting away my technical devices (but I don't have any withdrawal-symptoms, so no phone/netflix/instagram/tiktok/Youtube addiction, I think it's more something about dopamine). Also setting priorities, making decisions, and a lot of oversharing. I get distracted by everything, constantly losing important stuff and throwing things on the floore by accidents, am still not able to eat/drink completly without spilling or making a mess, always assume that people are honest with me so usually don't get sarcasm right away, super empathetic and struggling to differentiate between my own and others feelings, I love stimming but it could be my body trying to release stress. I'm and always have been very hyperactive verbally and my mom wanted to send me to an therapist/coach when I was 8 yrs old because she got overwhelmed with my temper tantrums (or was I just confused by the loud, fast world?) but didn't.
The stress I'm experiencing comes from dealing with school, perfectionism and intense ballet training since 5 years. The ballet-bubble has some very ugly sides.

What if it turns out, that I'm just a typical teenager who is overwhelmed by everything(like the most)? Who has a lot of potential (A LOT) but got just so screwed by puberty and not having enough discipline to push trough it, that it get lost? I struggled with disordered eating (still, but it's getting better), self harm and bodydysmorphia. I'm super scared of hurting myself again because I know that I'm super capable of that.

That question remains, puberty, ADHD or stress overwhelm? Or a combination?

PS.: sorry for grammar and spelling mistakes, I'm not fluid in English.
#confused #MightyQuestions #SelfDoubt #Neurodiversity #ADHD #Stress #Anxiety

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I’m new here

Hi everyone, I’m new here and have done an introduction on the mighty already but not on this specific group.

I’m writing tonight because I got a string of really angry text messages from my mom tonight that have me feeling a bit down and questioning my reality. Years of therapy have taught me about her narcissistic traits and I’ve been validated for the emotional abuse I’ve suffered from her. Therapists have explained to me the concept of scapegoating which I feel I relate to, but my mom is so invalidating that it makes me confused.

Anytime I try to talk to her about an issue to resolve or better understand something, she turns it back on me… blaming me for the exact thing that I’m bringing up. Is this gaslighting? Can anyone relate to this experience? I’m having a hard time understanding and feeling certain of where I stand at the moment. 😢 The blame and guilt trips (although they used to affect me wayyyy more) are painful and difficult to process.

I don’t want to play the victim here, and I don’t want to get stuck in that mentality. Ugh how do I fix this? 😓

#ComplexPTSD #narcabuse #EmotionalAbuse #confused #Gaslighting #scapegoat

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The Power of Love

<p>The Power of Love</p>
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This APP gone bonkers. #TheMighty #MightyTogether

#confused I think my Email was hacked . LAst night my computer was acting werid. I couldn't log into my computer this morning. I typed the correct password. I had to reset it. Change my #Facebook password to. Now working all good. Just annnoying.

It's been rainy weather past two days. Hope the sunny weather comes back. lol #sunny #Depression

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Community Voices
Community Voices

Understanding my sexuality

I’ve discovered last week that I’m Asexual. Doing research about it, I find the terms panromantic, aromantic, etc. I’m struggling to figure out where I fall in the romantic part, because as silly as it sounds, as a 42 yr old woman, I don’t know how to define romantic. The dictionary wasn’t helpful. What does romantic mean with respect to this?
#confused #asexual

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