Join us for The Help Group’s upcoming Summit – Advances and Best Practices in Autism, Learning Disabilities, and ADHD – Friday, October 19 & Saturday, October 20 at the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles, CA. The Help Group’s Summit 2018 is a cutting edge conference that features leading experts in basic and applied research, and evidence-based best practices in assessment, intervention and treatment. Widely recognized for the scope, depth and caliber of its offerings, the Summit is designed for professionals and parents. Each year, the program provides a rich and informative experience to its attendees.

Topics Include:

-Focusing on Strengths in Children with Autism
-Learning Difficulties for Young People on the Spectrum
-ADHD and Executive Functioning
-Bully Proofing Strategies
-Sensory Over-responsivity and the Brain in Autism
-Building Resilience at Home and in the Classroom
-Gastrointestinal Disturbances and other Co-Occurring Medical -Conditions
-Psychopharmacology Updates
-Behavioral Therapies to Ease Severe Anxiety
-Thought Provoking Questions About Dyslexia
-Learning Disabilities and Why It Goes Untreated
-Vocational Pathways for Young Adults on the Spectrum

Plus many more...

Information & Online Registration Available at:

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