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Meal plans and services?

Hi everyone. Trying to be better about self care, and all that stuff. Has anyone tried any of the meal services? Not necessarily looking for a company recommendation. Just wondering if this service has helped anyone get a handle on all the effort which goes into meal planning, shopping and creativity in the kitchen. I get bogged down with all the #executivefunctioning needed to manage the kitchen. #ADHD #Selfcare #EatingDisorderRecovery #EatingDisorders #Parenting

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I’m meeting my cleaning goals! #executivedysfunction #executivefunctioning #ADHD #Autism #ObsessiveCompulsiveandRelatedDisorders #Cleaning

I’m #makingprogess towards my goal of having a clean apartment. This has been an uphill struggle for me. But I make myself do dishes and scoop the cat litter five days a week no matter how tired I feel. Many times it’s hard to remember what was so difficult about it. But some days it’s still a struggle. I use the app unf*** your habitat, and it gives me motivation like “You can nap when you’re done “ or “It’s never as difficult as it seems “. Tonight it was difficult to get motivated. I’d been feeling blah all day, and I was/am sleepy because I didn’t take a nap. But I knew I was so close to having a score of 100%, so I pushed myself. And it really wasn’t too bad. The two days a week I give myself off from cleaning are to account for when I have really bad days or just no energy. And I’d already used them up for this week.

I posted about this before when I was at about 80%. But here I am. Succeeding. My next habit to work on will be picking up clutter, and I’m currently around 65% for that.

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Turning over a new leaf #Cleaning #Disability #struggles #executivefunctioning #Autism #ADHD

This is a screenshot of an app I’m using to work on habits, especially cleaning. As you can see, I’ve been doing a lot better since December. This is something I’ve struggled with my whole life and it has even almost gotten me evicted from my apartment. I even used to have a home health aid for cleaning. It’s been the topic of countless therapy sessions and at 41, I thought I’d never get better. That it was a skill I couldn’t learn because of my executive functioning issues. But here I am. Now it’s hard to remember what was so difficult about it. For anyone struggling with this, there is hope.


Slow processing speed is an actual issue! 😱


This is a thing! A thing I have! I didn’t know it was a thing. Omfg! It’s a recognized thing. Wow.

I feel better. I’m adhd with depression and anxiety, adjustment disorder, and ptsd.

I also have slow processing speed. 😳 It isn’t just an issue I have. It’s an actual problem many people have.

I feel so much better. I didn’t know.

#ADHD #slowprocessingspeed
#executivefunctioning #ItIsNotJustMe

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Remember Your Meds!

Posted this on Twitter so thought I'd best post it here too. Don't forget to take/order your meds if you need to!

#actuallyautistic #Autism #ASD #executivefunctioning #Neurodiversity

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Time management

I always have trouble managing my time effectively, but I’ve been using an app called forest that works as a cure timer, and if you get lost wasting time of your phone, the virtual tree that you planted dies. I’ve been using it more often in the past week and I am shocked at how much I can get done when I actually use my time. #ADHD #executivefunctioning #timemanagement


Does anyone else with #ADHD often just sit there going "I need to do the thing, I need to do the thing, I need to do the thing" and not do the thing?

Right now, for example, I'm just sitting here telling myself I need to get up and eat lunch and do my lesson planning. But instead I'm just sitting on the internet, despite really, really, really wanting to eat lunch. Does anyone have a way to combat this? #executivefunctioning #executivedysfunction


Medication hacks from pediatric clients

I used to work as a nurse on a child psych unit. We routinely gently woke kids up for their morning meds and then let them go back to sleep for a few hours. It gives the brain time for the meds to kick in. I woke up at 5 although I didn’t really want to but I took my meds, went back to sleep and woke up alert and refreshed and ready to start my day at 7. #Hacks #Lifehacks #medhacks #ADHD #Adderall #executivefunctioning #InvisibleDisability


The Help Group Presents Summit 2018 #thgsummit2018

Join us for The Help Group’s upcoming Summit – Advances and Best Practices in Autism, Learning Disabilities, and ADHD – Friday, October 19 & Saturday, October 20 at the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles, CA. The Help Group’s Summit 2018 is a cutting edge conference that features leading experts in basic and applied research, and evidence-based best practices in assessment, intervention and treatment. Widely recognized for the scope, depth and caliber of its offerings, the Summit is designed for professionals and parents. Each year, the program provides a rich and informative experience to its attendees.

Topics Include:

-Focusing on Strengths in Children with Autism
-Learning Difficulties for Young People on the Spectrum
-ADHD and Executive Functioning
-Bully Proofing Strategies
-Sensory Over-responsivity and the Brain in Autism
-Building Resilience at Home and in the Classroom
-Gastrointestinal Disturbances and other Co-Occurring Medical -Conditions
-Psychopharmacology Updates
-Behavioral Therapies to Ease Severe Anxiety
-Thought Provoking Questions About Dyslexia
-Learning Disabilities and Why It Goes Untreated
-Vocational Pathways for Young Adults on the Spectrum

Plus many more...

Information & Online Registration Available at: www.thehelpgroupsummit.org

#AutismSpectrumDisorder #ADHD #AspergersSyndrome #LearningDisabilities #executivefunctioning #Dyslexia #resilience