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How long does it take to break a habit? Science says anywhere from 18 to 254 days. That’s right, the old belief it took 21 days to change a habit isn’t what psychologists are saying today. What does that mean for those of us looking to better ourselves, improve our abilities, and create a better day-to-day life? It means we have to live less out of habit, and more out of intention. When you find yourself going through the motions of your day, acting out of habit or your usual schedule, I encourage you to stop and ask yourself a few questions:

Does this habit help me or hurt me long term? How can I add a little extra happiness into my routine? Can I improve this routine in some way?

When you take the time to take care of your present self, you contribute to your future self's well-being. Small changes create big impacts. The more you live with intention, the bigger the lasting changes!

#thepowerofhabit #leadwithintention #bepresent #thismoment #recoveryjourney #physicalrehabilitation #ProgressIsProgress #Dailyinspiration #selfcare #FindingForward #Recovery

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This is something I have to remind myself of every single minute of every single day.

We have thousands of thoughts per day and many of them negative.

It's important to hold on to our positive thoughts and images and to invest our time and feelings in them.

Focus on your good and the thoughts that help you move forward. Often fear and anxiety occur when we let our thoughts wander too far into our future. A future we have no control over.

What we can control, is this moment. In this moment I can choose to be happy and to focus on my positive thoughts to aid my healing and progression.

#liveinthenowmoment #thismoment #now #Thinkpositive #thinkhealthythoughts #mentelhealth #healingcptsd #ucandounlimitedchange