I’ve found the same thing. Once someone Will get too close and try and generally ask how I’m doing and when I press that person and I will cry with exactly how I’m doing things change. I had a stroke at age 45 instead of my supposed friends/colleagues instead of them coming to visit to see me they came to see me but I guess I’m taking that I had a stroke which left me with left sided weakness make an extremely hard to walk on my home and I’m unable to deal with a drunk I would want to do which would be a teacher in the kindergarten classroom but again instead of well wishes begin to start spreading and when I gradually go back you don’t know my psychiatrist told me not to I was bullied and harassed so now I picked and choose who and what a hell even my ownEven my own brother thinks this is all a joke and now we’re estranged but yes I’m definitely too much for some people but there might be those people ask how I’m doing I don’t wanna know
#toomuchforsomepeople #realfriends #itscomplicated .