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Mother-daughter issues

Hey mighty family, I’ve got a question, kind of like a poll for you all today. Wondering if anyone can relate to this situation.

My mother wants me to do therapy with her. I have tried therapy with my mom before and it didn’t help in my opinion. We tried a couple different therapists and I felt that I still wasn’t able to get through to her so I gave up.

Has anyone had a positive experience going to therapy with a parent? No, not couples therapy. Parent and child. Keep in mind, I’m a 31 year old woman… my mom is in her 60s.

Please any experience positive or negative feel free to share!!
#CPTSD #Trauma #itscomplicated


You Push Me Away…

It’s Mother’s Day. I feel alienated, blocked from communicating with my oldest daughter. Basically, she’s completely shutting me out. I don’t know what happened, or what I did..Maybe nothing? Maybe something? She’s also not communicating with her Dad. Her husband said that she is suffering from a bad Bile Reflux, it has been making her ill to her stomach for months. It’s making her weak, and it has made her suffer weight loss.(-I knew this. I just hope her doctors can do something before she losses more weight. She’s in a NED currently, so that’s great.)
I just saw a social media post where my daughters are together on a trip to Pittsburg. Ummm, she can’t be that sick to not respond to a text, a want for a phone call, or just a responsive:“hey Mom..”? It’s like my child has ghosted me. I’ve had several people that I was close to in the past, try to push me away, because of their Cancers. I’ve seen it. Is it because they think you can’t possibly know what they are going through? Is it because they want to spare you the pain of their demise, but are actually causing their loved ones a great deal of emotional pain and anguish, by pushing themselves away, by distancing completely.? #MothersDay #BreastCancer #itscomplicated #Grief #Whattodo #Family #PTSD #Havemyownissues #Care #Depression


The More Complicated

I’ve found the same thing. Once someone Will get too close and try and generally ask how I’m doing and when I press that person and I will cry with exactly how I’m doing things change. I had a stroke at age 45 instead of my supposed friends/colleagues instead of them coming to visit to see me they came to see me but I guess I’m taking that I had a stroke which left me with left sided weakness make an extremely hard to walk on my home and I’m unable to deal with a drunk I would want to do which would be a teacher in the kindergarten classroom but again instead of well wishes begin to start spreading and when I gradually go back you don’t know my psychiatrist told me not to I was bullied and harassed so now I picked and choose who and what a hell even my ownEven my own brother thinks this is all a joke and now we’re estranged but yes I’m definitely too much for some people but there might be those people ask how I’m doing I don’t wanna know
#toomuchforsomepeople #realfriends #itscomplicated .

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