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    The More Complicated

    I’ve found the same thing. Once someone Will get too close and try and generally ask how I’m doing and when I press that person and I will cry with exactly how I’m doing things change. I had a stroke at age 45 instead of my supposed friends/colleagues instead of them coming to visit to see me they came to see me but I guess I’m taking that I had a stroke which left me with left sided weakness make an extremely hard to walk on my home and I’m unable to deal with a drunk I would want to do which would be a teacher in the kindergarten classroom but again instead of well wishes begin to start spreading and when I gradually go back you don’t know my psychiatrist told me not to I was bullied and harassed so now I picked and choose who and what a hell even my ownEven my own brother thinks this is all a joke and now we’re estranged but yes I’m definitely too much for some people but there might be those people ask how I’m doing I don’t wanna know
    #toomuchforsomepeople #realfriends #itscomplicated .

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    Friendships as a grown up #Friends #Loneliness

    Anyone else reached their late 20’s or 30’s and started feeling like friends are no longer there? Everyone has grown apart both physically and mentally, and even those who’re kinda “always there for you” are not around enough for you to actually feel like you have them.
    And I’m just curious, is it too naive to think that you can make really strong and meaningful friendships as an adult? I often feel that the chances are odd and basically whichever besties you found as a kid or teen are what you got.
    #realfriends #Adulting #Friends