I feel like a total loser I will be turning 30 and I feel that I didn't accomplish anything close to obtaining happiness. I am very blessed and grateful however I'm not happy. I don't want to work where I work anymore reason for that is Because I work in a very toxic environment we are understaffed and overworked it wasn't always like this but it's now a year and the company hasnt bothered to replace the people we have lost.

I had a freak out moment at work on dec 6. and ever since then I have been on FMLA and I've been trying to take this time to find something new to find something that will spark my interest I had a lot of weeds but nothing. So now I'm going back and nothing has changed I am afraid of what will happen with myself
I can't quit my job unless I have a job but unfortunately jobs out there do not pay enough to live by.
I have already used up my sick time and I am on unpaid leave. I wish the universe just give me a sign of what to do. #lost #useless #hopeless #Unappreciated #Depression #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #turning30 #stupid