#furbabies My sweet Sadie is a Boston Terrior she loves those tennis balls so much, she is 10+ and still doesn't want to stop fetching that ball. I have had many breeds but she is by far the friendliest one I know. Just took in a teacup lil guy who was being abused by children at his previous owners apt complex, Thank God the lady gave him to me, he is so sweet and tries so hard to listen to me and take in what I say to him. I talk about what happened to him over there and I tell him I won't let no one hurt him any more, I tell him he is safe here. I tell him I would not ever let a bad kid come in the house to hit him with sticks. He is so small and fragile and being alone in life now because kids have grown and gone their own way, they give me a reason to get up, no matter how bad it hurts me to move I will because they need me!! I have been a dog lover since birth, lol Even though my mother didn't let us have pets because she said we could not afford them, they are worth everything I have. Without them I would seriously die.