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#My Disorder

So… what is helped by naming an illness when we are all effected differently? There are really only 2: #your Disorder and #My Disorder.

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#always assumed everyone’s thought process was just like mine

#My brain is a “pinball machine”. My love/hate relationship with Pinterest🤪

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#Conquering #My #mind and the #Lesson of #rest

Good news: I am learning. Yes!

Yesterday, I was completely off from all activities and rested solely as a means of recovery. So I started my typical early morning panic as I hear the city’s commuters filling the streets. I need to get active! Right.😵‍💫!

So, I decided to write down—and out—my racing thoughts. Suddenly, I stopped writing and trying to analyze my emotions as I told myself, “Hey, I don’t have time to do this, I am missing out on my agenda. I have some resting to do.” 👏👏👏!

And for the first time during this eight month medical leave, I realized, the goal of the leave is to stop thinking, analyzing, lamenting, figuring out a workout regime, and stop playing app games that require problem solving according to times I once set. I am learning that I have one goal on my agenda: rest, rest, rest my brain.

So now I sit waiting for a bus, today, after taking a wonderful walk outdoors. I completed errands that felt more like fun adventures as time was NOT the goal of this outing. And I even watched my bus pass the store I was in, as I talked to the cashier, simply to talk, and not to hurry them up so I can run and flag down the bus to return home to accomplish……what….nothing.

This means, I am at rest even when commuting through an active city’s streets. And THAT is #themighty reward I have gained since being introduced to #selfcare on this site.


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#SelenaGomez mymind&me #My

Thankyou for sharing her Latest movie I cried most the time just because I felt her, I knew where she was coming from bless her

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Today I woke up .

#Depression I woke up today and my first thought was of Pete, I couldn't stop the tears. I feel responsible for his death and I will never get over it. Smoke inhalation it must have been horrible for him to die that way and I can't bare thinking about it. He would have been 9 years old in a few weeks. If he hadn't gone to bed early with me. #My tiny little dog# Pete#My hea

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I feel like my skin is crawling, I feel like my insides are jumping. I have been sick for a couple weeks. I just with I felt like I could do the stuff that I have done for years. I'm so scared, #My fears are overwhelming me right now. What can I do I don't feel like I can breathe. Help me find a way .

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#My bipolar

I'm tired of sharing my brain with you!
You want to be included in everything I do
Your so clingy!