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    This is my chinchilla. I have only had her for 2 weeks. I have been working with her so that she will let me rub her cheeks and Chin and ears. Also I have been working on having her come out of the cage on her own because chasing her would be traumatizing to her. Yesterday I had tremendous success! Not only did she let me rub her face but with a little encouragement she came out of her cage all on her own. She is so sweet and so soft and she is already giving me great comfort. I cannot wait until we have been together for a long time and she has learned to trust me completely! #MightyPets #BipolarDisorder #Anxiety #MajorDepression #furbabies #supportpet

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    It’s not a home without your fur kids 🐾🥰

    Losing a son at a 100 days after he was born and having 4 miscarriages ,one being recently … adds a lot of depression and loneliness and feelings of not being worthy , guilt and every year round the times of loss … I go manic too avoid because I know if I don’t … I’ll go in a deep depression .. it’s like I can’t help it … I’m a emotion avoider mainly cause I feel everything so intensely.. I sometimes don’t feel safe if I let myself go there … and it’s so taboo too talk about and I keep most of it all bottled inside …. Because I am at the age woman have kids or trying I always feel like I am there biggest fear … or that’s what my brain 🧠 tells me …. But this morning the huskies were all snuggled in bed and I realized I don’t know what I would do without these fur babies and fish baby ! I make them homemade food , spoil them and treat them as if they are kids , break up fights , have an connection with all of them .. heck my little husky girl and I go get our nails painted together …I’m super maternal to everything and everyone around me (I am a plant mom too) and I’m only writing this because with being diagnosed with bipolar and all the trauma around having a baby for me and losing many and the one I had and loved I can only visit at a grace …. The thought of going Thur it again is so much at the moment .. and then I think about how I don’t want to pass this illness to a child or maybe I’m not equipped too be a mom and maybe that’s why it’s never worked out for me :( All these intrusive thoughts have really taken over and I’m too the point I just think it’s time too accept what being a mother may actually look like for me … but my heart will always yearn for more children … wasn’t sure if this was a normal way to feel after being diagnosed? Feeling undeserving of the things you want the most ?

    This pic below : my antidepressants as i love too call them ! 🐾🐠 #ChildLoss #BipolarDepression #intrusviethoughtscansuckit #normalornah #furbabies #amotherinmyownway

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    My canine daughters

    These are my two unofficial emotional support animals (although it's official in this house!) They're spoiled rotten!
    #esa #furbabies #Pets #Dogs #Animals

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    My boo boo in a bag lol 😹😹 #Cats #booboo #furbabies #meow #purr #Family

    My silly cat boo boo ❤😻

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    Fur babies #BPD #Depression #Anxiety #instanthappiness

    When my anxiety and depression are at full blown I stop & see these wonderful fur babies. (Left) is my baby boy Moe Moe and (right) my Dad’s Corgi puppy name Buddy. Pets have the amazing ways to give us joy and peace. They give unconditional love, never tells you they don’t love you anymore, never say you’re unworthy and they don’t leave you by your side. Pets have the capacity to be selfless and never ask for a Thank you.

    So tell me about your #furbabies

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    I just ordered a coffin for my fur baby who’s still alive

    I feel so incredibly awful today. My 13-year-old American Staffordshire terrier is really unwell. She’s recently been diagnosed with severe hip displaysia and spinal bridging, and her cognitive status has gone dramatically downhill in the last two weeks. I’ve come to the point of the ultimate cost-benefit analysis - her quality of life versus ... *cries quietly* putting her to sleep. I picked a spot in the yard, but because of all the tree roots I messaged a nearby neighbor who has an excavating company to help dig a hole. I found a biodegradable wood coffin on Etsy and ordered it.
    My dog is still alive.
    I feel like such a complete ... d*ck doesn’t even fit how awful I feel. I don’t want Xandia to suffer, but I keep weighing it against “We didn’t put Grandma to sleep!” She’s not “all there” right now - I catch glimpses of the dog she was, but ...
    I literally haven’t slept more than two hours per night for more than a week. I’m insomniac anyway, but I’m somewhere near psychosis from lack of sleep - I dream while awake and I’m hearing things. I’ve been staying with her in the living room at night to take her outside when she wakes up suddenly. If I don’t catch her in time it triggers a seizure and it’s like a combination of Old Faithful and the Trevi fountain. After three nights of washing dog beds I learned to sleep lightly.
    So - add #MDD #Dysthymia to the mix and my life is ... indescribably bad in conjunction with #2020 and the #pandemic . I’d really rather stay in pjs all day curled up with stuffies, but I work from home and have to at least appear productive.
    #Lifesucks #whenwillthealiensabductme #CanIDieNow #Depression #Dysthymia #deathsucks #furbabies #stuffies #Pjs #2020sucks


    #My best friends #My reason to get up in the morning #Dogs #uncondional love

    #furbabies My sweet Sadie is a Boston Terrior she loves those tennis balls so much, she is 10+ and still doesn't want to stop fetching that ball. I have had many breeds but she is by far the friendliest one I know. Just took in a teacup lil guy who was being abused by children at his previous owners apt complex, Thank God the lady gave him to me, he is so sweet and tries so hard to listen to me and take in what I say to him. I talk about what happened to him over there and I tell him I won't let no one hurt him any more, I tell him he is safe here. I tell him I would not ever let a bad kid come in the house to hit him with sticks. He is so small and fragile and being alone in life now because kids have grown and gone their own way, they give me a reason to get up, no matter how bad it hurts me to move I will because they need me!! I have been a dog lover since birth, lol Even though my mother didn't let us have pets because she said we could not afford them, they are worth everything I have. Without them I would seriously die.

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    Why pets are essential to our mental health #BPD #Anxiety #Depression #furbabies

    This is my baby boy Moe Moe. He’s 15 years old and has bad hips. He loves his walks with Daddy. He’s there with me through thick & thin. Loves me unconditionally. He never tells you he no longer loves you. Never lies, never tells you’re unworthy and he’s a great companion.

    Having a pet increases your life expectancy, puts you in a good mood and all they ask of you is to love them back. Of course the occasional butt & belly rubs lol

    How about you? I’m sure you have fur babies. Tell me about them! Feel free to add more reasons why it’s essential to have a pet. #iloveanimals #unconditionallove

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    #booboo #Family #mybabies #Cats #cat #meow #purr #furbabies

    My very sleepy cat boo boo xx

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    🐾Stitch🐾, My Goofy Golden Retriever 💜🐾💜

    This is my Stitch. He absolutely loves to be goofy! I really think his favorite thing is making me smile tho.💕🐾💕 He loves fetch, rolling in the grass, leaves or snow.😂🐾😂. He has a bin of toys and he loves each one of them. 🥰🐾🥰 (Definitely spoiled rotten)
    He is not an official service dog but he knows exactly what I need and when. You can usually find him by my side. I really don't know what I would do without him.
    #goldenretriever #furbabies #ServiceDog #ServiceAnimals #EmotionalSupportAnimal #EmotionalSupportDog