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    Happy Spring!

    Hello Everyone. This is Tinkerbell from Twitter. I follow her account and she always brings me joy with her cute outfits. Do you have any adorable spring things to share?


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    The Tale of How The Duke Begot His Regal Title

    It was a foggy morning in the wold, when I his human, yet to become known as Jeeves, Scamp, and Little Brofur set out on a quest abreast our noble steed Tucson.

    We headed west along the old Roman Road colloquially known as the 419. The journey was wrought with many a peril, but Tucson that mighty diesel chugging beast battled dutifully against these omnipresent foes known as boy racers and Sunday drivers to carry us safely to our destination: Demi Eden. Fertile land where deer, pheasant, and rabbits roam freely alongside an enchanted brook.

    But first we had to pass through the mighty turnstile gates. Valiant Little Brofur passed through the narrow gap between the gates of Doom in the blink of an eye. Scamp however, baring some resemblance around the middle to his fellow nobleman Henry VIII, almost got ensnared between the giant metal teeth. But he reached within and with a twist of the torso and a thrust of his mighty paws, he did it—he was free. To celebrate his victory he lifted his leg against the post so that any other dog who dared to travel this way henceforth would know of his triumph.

    Next was the most perilous part of our quest. We would have to cross over the mighty rapids of The Lock. The water gurgled and roared as if powered by some dark beast within. Fortunately the gods had seen fit to build a bridge for one to cross over. And yet it is well known that when you have four paws, the five yard journey can be a frightening one, fraught with many a peril. Being light of paw, Little Brofur did a running vault and made it to the other side in three alacritous jumps. Not one to be outdone Scamp followed suit, albeit with slightly less aplomb. Though he was not light of paw, what he lacked in agility he made up for in courage, and so he boldly took the lead up the next crossing. The boardwalk across the marshland that separated our trio from the safety of our trusty steed Tucson who was bedded down next to the road, and our final hurdle: The Brook of Styx… otherwise known as The Ampney Brook.

    Scamp scamped along the boardwalk taking care to avoid any gaps that might ensnare a paw that could see him dragged down into the jaws of Boggon: the bog monster that was well known to dwell within the muddy waters beneath, quietly laying in wait for fresh prey. “Not today Boggon!” Scamp followed closely by brave Little Brofur cried as they both boldly scamped across to safety on the other side.

    Next up we had to traverse the muddy path toward the Brook, taking care to avoid the engorged roots of the trees that lined the path in yet another test of the courage that lay within each of our hearts. After lifting their legs on the sidings to signal to other dogs that they had once again prevailed, Scamp, Little Brofur, and I arrived alongside the mighty Ampney Brook.

    There in the middle lay a great rock as the fast running water of the Brook sluiced by on other side. It was clear, to reach the other side, we would have to walk through the water. Little Brofur being undertall, jumped at the side of my leg to indicate he would need my help ferrying him across. Scamp sniffed at the water’s edge to ensure there were no tricksy water sprites lurking within. Satisfied that all was safe, he strode into the water and carefully began to walk towards the middle. With great courage and stout paws he made it to the great rock. He stood atop the great rock in triumph, and that is when it happened!

    The Lady of the Brook emerged from the deep and presented him with Excalibone; anointing him so that he should henceforth go from that place and be known to all as The Duke of Bork. He turned toward me and decided that as his first royal decree henceforth I would be known as Jeeves, his loyal servant. He gave a snort in Little Brofur’s direction to let him know that he would be known to all as Sir Little Spare. Jeeves obligingly captured the moment for posterity so that they could leave this place and spread the word so that many would know about this day, and The Duke’s triumphant feat.

    The Duke and Sir Little Spare continue to wander the realm of the wolds, at times lifting their legs in unison to ensure that both their legacies will evermore be preserved. As for me… I not certain about the Lady in the Brook, or Excalibone, which bore a striking resemblance to the remnants of a fox’s meal. But then again, who I am to challenge how my dog self identifies?

    #MightyPets #DistractMe #Fun #Dogs #MightyMoment

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    Grieve management #Dogs

    Today I want to share a bit about how giving attention to our emotions while grieving is important. I had, till last week, 5 dogs. Sadly one of them, my frenchie named Tobias, passed away and even though we were expecting this because of his advanced age we felt really sad.
    The one dog who stayed mostly in my backyard with him is Pantera, she is a big baby, the youngest among my dogs and the biggest one too. She's a labrador and rottweiler mix and the sweetest dog I've ever known, but she is having trouble sleeping where they stayed together so she's sleeping with me. She's been waking up lots of times though the night and only being able to sleep if she's touching me somehow.
    Last night she finally slept better, but still refuses to eat properly or to stay alone. That remembered me that we all are grieving for something, being mental health issues, a chronic desease, pain or anything else that moment where we all need to cry and cuddle a bit and it's okay to grieve because we lost our health.
    In the picture there's an example of how Pantera was sleeping with me

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    Tail Tuesday

    The Duke just loves visiting this nearby church which still has some original artwork dating back to the 1200s. According to him, someone very kindly built this special pugpy sized maze just for him, which he takes great joy in scamping through and living his best life. So much so that he decided it was worth running around it twice last Saturday 🥰

    He also very kindly got himself stuck in the brook that runs beyond the church. To his credit though he didn’t panic, choosing instead to strut back into the water like “there’s no point both of us getting flustered Jeeves, so I’ll just cool my paws here and wait for you to come rescue me!”
    That’s McScampLife for you 🙈

    #MightyPets #Dogs #DistractMe #TailTuesday #Pets

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    All My Childen: Pet Edition

    This came up in my memories this morning which made me smile 😻. When I think about the furry ones, I’m always reminded of that line from The Blind Side where Sandra Bullock’s character Leigh Anne says of Michael Oher, he’s changing my life.

    I feel the same about my fur children—they enrich my life and have changed me for the better so that their paw prints will remain furever in my heart 🐾

    #MightyPets #DistractMe #Dogs #Cats #ForTheLoveOfDogs #whiskerwednesday

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    Wednesday’s Puppy Is Full Of Woe…

    And has a strong desire to avoid having me take his picture 🙈. The Duke is recovering from a bout of arthritis, so he is on walk rest, and I get to be his emotional support human. To quote his hero Wednesday Addams, “woe is the loneliness number”, and as humans we fall shamefully short of understanding just how hard The Duke has it!

    We try our best to make up for our shortcomings to his Highness though. Unfortunately he would prefer we comfort him with all the treats instead of cuddles—hence his woes are evermore.

    For my part, I seem to have one doctor’s appointment a week lately, and yesterday I got to be a human pincushion while trying to have my blood drawn. The Duke and I make a woeful pair, but I like to think two woes shared is better than one 🖤

    #MightyPets #Dogs #Emotionalsupport #DistractMe #AdrenalInsufficiency

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    Splooty Booty Tuesday!

    A memory from when Little One was a wee nipper and would take naps in random spots like this 🥰. He still does the odd sploot—usually while he’s chewing away at a treat. With his back toward us; half in and half out his bed; unconsciously wagging his tail in enjoyment.

    The great thing about our mighty pets is not just that they make for good company, or that they remind us to laugh with their antics, or that they give good cuddles. All this is true. But for me their greatest gift is that in their vulnerable dependence on us to nurture and bring out the best in them, it brings out the best in every one of us. They remind us daily what it is to live fully in each moment, and not take ourselves too seriously.

    This is a source of magic available to us on a daily basis. One which I will always cherish, no matter how many times a day Little One throws himself at me demanding I indulge him in what is perhaps his greatest joy; ALL the belly rubs!

    #MightyPets #Dogs #ForTheLoveOfDogs #DistractMe #Hope #Gratitude #RoomForJoy

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    Flying into the new year like…

    What can I say but that I have two very impressive puppies that appear to hover rather than walk or run! Cuteness aside, I’ve been very lucky the past few days to have some increased energy since I switched from adrenal support to pregnenolone, which allowed me to make the most of the other half’s remaining days off work, so that I was able to rally and go walking with him and the dogs.

    Nothing makes me happier than going for these walks, because for a moment in time, every other worry is suspended and I just get to be me—and it’s a glorious thing to just be.

    #Dogs #ForTheLoveOfDogs #MightyPets #ChronicFatigue #AdrenalInsufficiency #AdrenalFatigue

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    We have had a lot of English rain this week which upsets the Duke of Bork’s delicate sensibilities. I will never know why but snow, swimming, and puddles of mud are all good things, but for some reason, rain is bad 🙈. I guess it’s a pugmix perogative thing that I simply wouldn’t understand.

    Shorter walks means more unused energy which is when keeping a few pieces of bunched up wool comes in handy, and also makes a very good distraction for NYE fireworks 💥

    I simply throw some down and let him have at it, which as you may have guessed, he rather enthusiastically enjoys demolishing and gives us reasons to smile when moments like this happen 🥰

    #Dogs #MightyPets #DistractMe #Holidays #Smallthings #RoomForJoy

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    A Furry Good Tuesday

    This little guy is pure sunshine ☀️. He loves his snow boots that enable him to hurtle throw the snow, and have himself a good old fashioned romp. I can always rely on him to give me a good photo op—unlike the Duke of Bork in the background there—who favours showing me his derrière whenever he sees me getting ready to take a photo 😆

    Sending a little light your way,
    Taryn x

    #Dogs #MightyPets #MightyMoment #DistractMe #Fun

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