Hi everyone. I havent had the internet since February and have SO missed all of you! Ive checked out a hotspot from the library and have it for a few days, so the first thing I wanted to do is come here. 😊
I hope everyone is doing good or at least as good as you can be right now. Ive missed being here so much. Life has been a little overwhelming lately—-I have to move and dont know where I’ll be living yet, and health stuff is about the same. Ive felt pretty crazy for awhile but the minute I came here and started reading posts I felt like I was calming down, like I was home. I cant tell you how good that feels! Love you all so much and hope to get in some good time here before I have to take the hotspot back!

#Love #Bipolar2 #ADD depression #undiagnosedstomachpain #ChronicPain #ChronicFatigue #CheckingIn