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    × " Anyone Miss Me Yet ? " × #CheckingIn

    × " Sooo I'm Sorry I Haven't Been On Here... To Give You Daily Poetry Or Uplifting Message's.... I Have Been Very Exhausted And Busy With Work And Getting My Life Back In Order.... Boy It's Stressful Owning An As Is... Apartment For Rent... My Oven Smelled Like Gas... And The Oven Was Broken... I'm So Exhausted I Want To Go Home To Sleep In My Own Bed... Work Has Been Very Stressful As Usual.. I Mentor New Hired Employee's... But It's Not My Job To Train People It's My Bosse's Job The Assistant Manager Or The Company... If They Want Me To Mentor People Then I Should Be Paid More... If They Don't Want To Do Their Job " ×#AnUpdate ☆▪︎☆▪︎☆ SKADI KVITRAVN ☆▪︎☆▪︎☆

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    Its Me Again

    Hello. I am #CheckingIn to see how everyone is doing. I hope that you are doing well. I have been doing OK. Today I got deeper into my new masters degree program. This will be my 3rd Masters degree, and most likely the last one that I will be getting. I am learning to become a mental health counselor. My #Goal for #MentalHealth is to focus on the workplace. I want to help make the workplace a more wholesome place to work. Most of the time we spend in our day is at work. Why not try to make the best of it for people?

    #god knows just what it is that I needed, and he also knows how much others need what I needed, too. I wanted a psychologist or a mental health counselor on property when I worked at #UniversalOrlando . However, I did not have one. It was hard for me to understand what was going on with my job and where the stress was coming from. I could not figure out if it was an #Internal or #external #Stress . I kept thinking that maybe it was because my father was sick... and eventually he died on March 7th, on a sunshiney monday in I.C.U room number 4. I was traumatised when he died... as I held his hand.

    I have had horrible #Insomnia , but there are nights where it is better than others. I thought that perhaps maybe another person could relate? If you can, what do you recommend when you feel the "I do not want to die," feeling as you lay down in the bed? Somehow during the day I could sleep easily even though I do not nap. But.. at #Night I do not understand what happens!

    Speak to you all soon.. and thank you for #listening .


    × " I Just Wanted To Tell You All That "I L.O.V.E You" Guy's & Gal's.. " × #CheckingIn

    × " Hey There Just I'm Just Checking In On The Family... I Hope All Of You Are Doing Well On Your Mental And Physical Journey's... I'm Doing Somewhat OK Mentally Sound At The Moment... Physically I'm Still With This Neverending Pain All Over The Place... So That's Nothing New.. My Journey Of Finding An Affordable Place To Stay So That I Don't Walk Away Or Lose My Job... Is On Going... At The Moment.. Here's The Reason Why I Don't Want To Go Back To My Brithplace.. Main Reason There's No Good Job Market... But Where I'm Staying There Are Alot Of Job's... But The Issue's Are Now Austin/Round Rock Metro Is Now Turning Into Chicago 2.0... Rising Crime And Murder's Etc.. Thank You Random Implant's Companie's And Rude West Coaster's That Think That They Own Everything. And Have Entitlement's To Talk And Belittle Us Normal People Who Are Simply Trying To Earn A Living. " ×#Welp !ThisTurnedIntoARant.. ☆ S. K. ☆

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    Multiple myeloma

    So this past week has been a wild one. So many things occurred that were both positive & negative. I had my first appointment at the Mayo Clinic & it went very well. I was so happy…
    But then last night my mom told me something that broke my heart. Apparently she has been diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma. I was shocked. Apparently she’s only told my dad & grandma, & she wasn’t even going to tell me, but it just “came up.” My mom & I are just now getting on a better page. I’ve been afraid of my mom most of my life. The emotional abuse has been horrible & although we’re better than we were, I still feel uncomfortable around her.
    I can’t imagine what the future is going to hold, but I’m scared.
    Sorry if this seems negative 🫤
    #MultipleMyeloma #Anxiety #Depression #Fear #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Relationships


    × " 👋....Longtime No Posting On Here. " #CheckingIn

    × " Hello My Mighty Family...I'm So Sorry I Have Been Away From The App. Work Has Me Very Busy All The Time. When I'm On My Off Day's. I'm Just Exhausted My Pain Recovery Is Sometime's Off. Yeah I Know Go See A Doctor Blah...Blah..Blah. I Get It But Here's Just One Issue I Don't Like Doctor's. Ever Since I Was A Little Girl. So Please Don't Force The Issue. I Get It I Will Go When I Have Time. I Really Don't Feel Comfortable Talking To Anyone Anymore. I Don't Know Why I'm Just So Tired. I'm One Of Those People That Doesn't Like Getting Help Because Idk I Can Do It Myself. And Now That I'm Alone I'm Used To Doing Thing's With Caution. Not Right Away. And People Don't Seem To Understand That. I Really Don't Enjoy Being Forced To Do Thing's. Thing's Take Time. × ☆ S. K. ☆


    × " Hello My Mighty Family " × #CheckingIn

    × " Hey There... I'm Sorry I Haven't Been Very Active x Posty Lately.... As For " The Evil Drama " It Seem's To Have Died All Of The Sudden. Since I'm Not Here Much. And Work Alot Now 8 Hour's A Day Etc... But I'm Saving Like Crazy My Hard Earned $. Not To Be Given Away.. I Don't Work For Other's I Work This Hard For Myself. Since I Don't Have A Partner To Worry About Anymore... 🤣🤣🤣🤣. Currently The Place Where I'm Staying... Got Into It Again About Cleaning. And Someone Finally Got Called Out. On Not Cleaning Much. It Was My Sister's Husband That Got Exposed. My Sister Was On A 4 Day Vacation. And On Sunday Night She Came Back. And The House Was Magically Cleaned Not By Me This Time. I Had Already Cleaned Four Room's The Day Before Which Was On A Monday. So She Called Out Her Husband For Only Cleaning When She's Away. And She Was Like Me x My Little Sister Are Used To Cleaning Everyday... And You Never Clean. Man "S***! Hit The Fan " I Was Dying Inside With Laughter...He Got Severly Defensive x Started Getting Mad. And Saying That He Does Clean.. And If He Lived Alone He Would Have The House Clean. Yeah Ok.. The Mountain's Of Excuse's Glore...😂🤣😂. But Man They Hate Cleaning Up After Themselve's... Alot Like It Should Come Naturally To You.♤ Sincerely, ☆ S.K. ☆ #CheckingIn


    ×" Hey There Mighty Artist... Just Checking In" ... ×#CheckingIn #Member 's

    × " Hello Sorry I Haven't Been Very Active. Been Working Very Hard At My New Job. Hopefully " ONE DAY ". I Will Be Able To Share My Art Again. Take Care Signing Off.. ☆ S.K. ☆


    × Good Morning Mighty Peep's × Man What A Short Break. #CheckingIn

    × " I Just Realized I'm Not The Issue Here. I'm A Huge Threat...Why??? You Might Ask. Well When My Mother Died Of Dementia. She Left A Will For Everyone. Since I'm A Twin And Was Married At The Time. She Solely Left The Family Home Of Nightmare's. To My Older Twin Brother. He Need's It More Than Me. And Now Thier's A Trust Set Up Just For Him x His Important Need's. My Adoptive Older Brother Keep's Telling Me That I Don't Have A Right's To Come Stay x Etc. Basically He's Being Greedy. And Has Been Wanting To Take The Family Home That's Under My Twin's Name. To Make It His. This Is All Being Spearheaded By His Greedy Wife. Like Live Your Own Live's. And Now He's Taking Thing's Out On Me Because Now He Has To Dip Into His Retirement Etc. Like How Is Any Of This My Issue You Have Already Banned Me From The Family. What Else Do You Want. I Don't Want Anything From Anyone...I Have Struggled My Entire Life. I'm Used To Being Humble. My Mother Only Left Me $3,000 x Jewelry. I Spent The 3,000 On A Much Needed Vehicle. So That's Where That Went. And The Jewelry I'm Fixing On Getting Rid Of It. I Don't Need A Reminder. Of My Mother x How She Treated Me. Sincerely , ☆ SKADI KVITRAVN ☆

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    Happy Caturday! #caturday #howareyou #checkin #CheckingIn

    Which are you today?


    I forgot about this place.

    I was flicking between the various online spaces I'm a part of, at a loss for anyone to speak candidly to about how awfully glum I feel right now, when I remembered about The Mighty.

    I had to uninstall the app from my phone a while back (storage issues) and it never occurred to me to use the browser version 'til now. It seems pretty nifty.

    I hope you are well, whoever's reading this.

    #Depression #Anxiety #CheckingIn