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Something nice

I really needed this today and I thought I’d share it for anyone else who might need this today also #SelfDoubt #Upsidedown #Mindisinawhirlwind #Feelhelpless

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We are co-writing a book! Upside Down: Shift Your Perspective. #DownSyndrome #upsidedownsisters #Upsidedown #theluckyfewpodcast #dreambig

We are Leah Stodden and Lindsay Clarke: The Upside Down Sisters.

Our mission is shifting perspectives and inspiring potential!

We are sisters. We are different in many ways, yet the same in all of the important ways.

Our work focuses on inspiring the potential of all individuals, regardless of circumstance. We aim to encourage others to shift their perspective in situations when upside down just might actually be the right side up. This is done through Leah’s “ability” not her “disability” in viewing life through a unique lens. One that the world has often hardened for many of us.

If you’d like to learn more about our journey or grow alongside us, you can find us at!

We are currently transitioning our blog into a co-written book. We are pitching to Literary Agents in the upcoming weeks. Please say prayers our Book Proposal falls into the right hands so we are able to reach others through out stories!

Here’s to dreaming big and turning our minds Upside Down. The best is yet to come!

-Leah and Lindsay


Flipping my sleep schedule again... 😒

Ever since the event in 2011 that led to my PTSD I've had issues with flipping my nights and days. It's usually a sign that I'm on a slippery slope again. All my good habits fall apartment and all the bad ones pop up and get worse. I missed a night of sleep a few days ago because I fixated on something stupid all night untill I made myself a mess and couldn't sleep even a little. I was up when my husband got up for work. I tried to stay up the next day and only got 2 hours of sleep. It's been almostva week now and I'm still up at night and struggling to not sleep in the day. 🙄 All my tricks aren't helping but something has to give ... HELP!
#PTSD #nosleep #help #Upsidedown