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#don 't know what to do#Way to survive

#I am feeling alone. Even I am showing my people that I am strong to not showing my emotion, but they get the wrong idea about me. I am not crying in front of them that doesn't mean that I am a heartless man! they teasing me, mentally harm me but, I don't have the right to get mad at them.

I am feeling alone. My sibling is continuously spied on me, but I don't have the right to complain about him to my parents. and more important is that I am a girl so I have to tell about everything about my life to my parent and also my sibling who is younger than me. It's frustrating me .still I am surviving.

Like my childhood, my parent is not allowed me to make friends so now I don't have anyone friend in my life. There is no one in my life to speak about my personal life and also no one is interested in it. it's not like that I am not trying to tell people about my problem or sharing with them but they are not interested to hear me.so I am alone.#finda way to survive#Feeling alone #lonly


#Way to my heart

The way to my heart is spending time to get to know me.


Just always# remember we are not alone here :-)

Will try to reach out to my friend and hope she does not get stuck with the #Way to connect with you but # I hope she can figure out how to connect ‼️♥️ Thank you as you help so many people with so many issues :-)♥️🙏🐾🍀❤️