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I have been battling depression and anxiety for 20 years. I have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism for 10 years and just recently suffering from tension headaches for a year now. I was sexually abused at the age of 12. I have been going to therapy for 15 years. I have 5 beautiful children, one of those we lost 17 years ago this year on Thanksgiving. My headaches are debilitating and leave me in bed which makes my depression worse. I literally feel like I have tried just about everything I know to help myself and I feel absolutely worthless and awful! I feel stuck and my body is so tired. I am so tired and lost. I am so blessed with an amazing family, but it’s so hard for them to understand! I need help!!!! #ChronicDepression #SexualAbuse #Hypothyroidism #lonly #tired #ChronicHeadaches #ChronicIllness #attheendofmyrope #MentalHealth #needhelp

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I am new here

Let me introduce myself
Hello everyone,

I am Luca 25 years old , I am a female. I am suffering from VACTERL association. Furthermore I have got a cystostomy because there was no muscle on my bladder because of that I was incontinence when I was a teenager. I have only one kidney but it is working very well, fortunately. l haven’t got uterus but I have got
ovaries which are working very well as well. However I have got other gynecological problem: because of my cloaca malformation my sexual life is quite difficult actually I am to narrow for anything. My doctors don’t do anything with it. They are completely helpless with me.
About me:
I am a medical student. I like listening to music, reading a book or going to a concert. However I have been single for nearly five years due to my gynaecological problem, and I feel so lonely. I feel like nobody deserve to have me. Furthermore I have got ptsd, depression and panic attack according to my point of view, because the physicians say that I have no mental illness at all.
of course if you have a question about my case I will answer it with pleasure.
I have got an intermediate English exam but I am Hungarian,so if I make a fault in grammar please excuse me. #PTSD #PanicAttack #Vacterl #lonly

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#don 't know what to do#Way to survive

#I am feeling alone. Even I am showing my people that I am strong to not showing my emotion, but they get the wrong idea about me. I am not crying in front of them that doesn't mean that I am a heartless man! they teasing me, mentally harm me but, I don't have the right to get mad at them.

I am feeling alone. My sibling is continuously spied on me, but I don't have the right to complain about him to my parents. and more important is that I am a girl so I have to tell about everything about my life to my parent and also my sibling who is younger than me. It's frustrating me .still I am surviving.

Like my childhood, my parent is not allowed me to make friends so now I don't have anyone friend in my life. There is no one in my life to speak about my personal life and also no one is interested in it. it's not like that I am not trying to tell people about my problem or sharing with them but they are not interested to hear me.so I am alone.#finda way to survive#Feeling alone #lonly


Feel so alone

I’m an only child I have 5 children of my own, amazing Parents and amazing partner but I feel my children and my self miss out on extended family we have a large family and it felt really close when I was a kid. But now I feel like no one bothers with us. Never get a call to see how we are or happy Birthday or Happy Christmas off any of my aunts uncles cousins and being an only child it makes me so low sometime as I see people with the support of there sisters brothers ect and I feel like an outcast I know this sounds silly. How can I feel so lonely with a large family of my own? Anyone else and only child and feel this? After Christmas Day I was so depressed. And my son was 2 yesterday and today I feel so low apart form his siblings and my parents he’s never got a single card or call from any other family I just wish it was different. #lonly #Wantmoreformychilderen #Hideawayday #Sleepthedayaway #Depressionsufferer #Moregoodthanbaddays #Oneofthemdays


When I m sufferin frm depression, lonliness, high level anxiety, Can my partner jst leave me sayin that i m very annoying? #Depression #relations #lonly

The person whom i prioritised more than myself just left me when I was at my lowest point of life? Should i consider it as my mistake of annoying her?#Relationshipissues