Years ago I stopped taking prescription opioids because the negative effects of the medication outweighed it’s benefits. Yes it would help with pain but, I was a zombie all the time. Always tired, always unmotivated. I stopped and thought I’d give Medicinal Cannabis a try. THC causes me to have the most severe anxiety attacks for hours on end. I started getting a high CBD potency flower, and I began using a CBD tincture as well as using topicals. Almost 3 years later I only use a #CBGoil through Lazarus Naturals. Their products have been a literal life saver. My quality of life, and my over all health has improved so much with the help of good quality, genuine CBD and CBG oil. The only downside is that my ex husband who is an EMT for AMR in AZ, and his parents still call me a drug addict. They all treat me as if I’m an irresponsible druggie. It can be so infuriating because I know it’s not factual, and they just need stuff to make me look a certain way to people. For as Liberal as they are, when it comes to my health and wellbeing they’re pretty heartless. I’m thankful that I got a divorce. Since splitting up my health has gotten better by A LOT! #Opioids #Medication #qualityoflife #wholebodywellness