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Trying A New Medication I’m literally terrified

I just took a new medication for the first time in many many years. I’m soooo scared. The last time I made a med adjustment it ended very badly. I praying this works. There are so many people in this world that deserve prayers before me but I could really really use some prayers because I’ve been on my last leg for a while and I didn’t feel I had any choice but to make this change. I’m feeling like this is my last chance. #Medication #Depression #Anxiety #Bipolar2 #Worried

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Living with Bipolar Disorder: Medication Explained 💊 #BipolarDisorder #Medication

Below is a link to a page on my blog that contains some explanations of different types of medication we encounter with Bipolar Disorder and other mental illnesses and health conditions.

I’m not a doctor or a pharmacist but I studied Medicinal Chemistry at university and I have a vested interest in medicine and how it works. If you have any questions please feel free to ask me but if you have any further concerns or need assistance please contact your doctor or health professional 👍

Living with Bipolar Disorder: Medication 💊
#MightyTogether #MentalHealth #MentalIllness #Depression

Living with Bipolar Disorder: Medication 💊

I’m not a Pharmacist or a Doctor. However, I have a degree in Medicinal Chemistry and I have found that my peers have found it beneficial when they ask me about what they have been prescribed. I’m …
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Pill Giver, Now A Pill Taker

When working in #behavioral #MentalHealth - I looked away as the Consumers would take their #Medication . Remember having a guilty feeling in the pit of my stomach, knowing that the Medication they are swallowing might be harming them, killing off their creativity, turning them into a shell of a human, wrecking the brain covertly, like a very slow #Lobotomy . I would ask them if they took their meds yet. And with great urgency they would hurry to take their medications, putting the empty cup down with a smile of accomplishment. As a Mental Health Employee, after seeing them take their pills, I felt assured that there'd be no sudden outbursts today. Whether or not the meds were permanently destroying their brain, concerned me little, except that there would likely be no outbursts, that day. So those pills, may have been eating away at their mentally ill brain, still, were a blessing, because they made my work all the easier..

Almost 20 years later, I myself am now a Mental Health Consumer, who sought out Therapy because Depression and Anxiety have finally come for me too. They keep telling me I am an over thinker. So I take my meds every day, letting them have their way with my brain and do their dirty little deeds. And I desperately desire, even sensually fantasize, receiving Electroconvulsive Therapy and also TMS Therapy, while being mandated for the rest of my life to take my Meds, attend Therapy and even receive maintenance ECT treatments, so that one day, I may not be an over thinker, any longer.

And so have signed up for TMS Therapy, am attempting to get ECT Treatments started too and hopefully after my neuropsych testing am scheduled to take later this month, they'll put me back on an antipsychotic and maybe if I'm lucky, mandate its continuous administration, via Court Order, so I don't have to feel guilty about taking it.

Were the Mental Health Consumers, 2 decades ago, already doing this? That in my professional role, I mistook them for fools believing their Meds were somehow healthy for them?! And yet, was I the fool?! Were they keenly more aware, even back then, of the necessity, to quiet down the overthinking brain we are all born with using copious amounts of Medication approved by the FDA to balance out our Serotonin levels and Neurotransmitter Actions, in not yet so clearly understood, ways? Am I overthinking this issue today? Or maybe I am just late, taking my morning 80mg Prozac?!

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I ran out of Trazadone. The withdrawal symptoms have already started. I'm paranoid, I gotta upset stomach, I'm irritated, I'm angry. I visit my psychiatrist tomorrow and hopefully she'll prescribe me a new batch. The meds take a few days to be delivered. I'm paranoid she'll forget to refill my prescription or something terrible will happen and I'll feel awful for a long time.

#Medication #BipolarDisorder

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#Medication and You - Do You Get Scared to Take It?

I was browsing around, even though my last post said I’d be logging off, and so far I couldn’t find a topic similar to me.

Ever since I had an episode of losing consciousness once and the other times of feeling hypoglycemic during certain times of the day, I am now scared to take all my medication. It doesn’t help that I feel…

• guilt
• scared
• worried
• apprehensive
• aware that I need to
• I want to, but I don’t
• struggling with myself

Has anyone ever #experiencedthis ? #Curious #pleasedontjudge #firsttimeiask


Just a general question regarding prescriptions…

Update: recently had a change in dosage for ny medication - they gave me 2 medication info sheets upon pick up today. While checking to see if there was a difference, I saw the different inactive ingredients for the different doses by this manufacturer. Turns out, the red dye in my previous dose is controversial for causing cancerl with daily ingestion of high doses(it’s banned in multiple countries and soon to be banned in my state for use in food). It’s reasonable to assume long duration of daily ingestion could also cause cancer, especially since scientists have previously petitioned the FDA to overall ban this red dye (#3 ). Side effects include migraines, irritability, inability to concentrate and upset stomach… Explains why it didn’t seem as effective and why my body felt repulsed when taking it!


So my question is this:
Is it possible to request for a specific manufacturer of a generic formula when I’m ordering my prescription OR at least request not to receive a specific manufacturer when getting my prescription filled?

Does a provider need to make the request OR can I request it only if agreeing to pay for any out of pocket cost?

To give a little more background: I recently had my coverage changed, and when I received a refill of my prescription medication, the manufacturer company was different. While I have been able to receive generic instead of brand name medication for my prescription without much difference in effectiveness, this has been the first time I’m noticing that not only a difference in appearance.
I’ve received the same manufacturer company of the generic formula for several months until this month’s prescription. This “new” manufacturer has different appearance that seems to use a dye or coloring that gives an unpleasant taste. While I’ve overlooked this at first, I have noticed I don’t seem to be getting the same benefit from my medication now as I had with the previous manufacturer’s product.

I’m uncertain if the manufacturer changed because my coverage plan changed or if this was just something that changed in general based on stock at the pharmacy. But I’m starting to feel fairly certain that whether its the inactive ingredients used or the formula for this generic manufacturer, it is not being effective now. What I suspect most is that since the product itself looks different in coloring and that dye causes a noticeably horrible taste (which causes my body to feel repulsed), the inactive ingredients are likely the cause impacting the effectiveness of the medication for me. Simply - my body isn’t tolerating the inactive ingredient of the color dye used by this other manufacturer, causing the medication to be ineffective in treating what the product is supposed to treat.

And if this helps with providing an answer: my prescription is for ADHD medication - I take extended-release generic capsules of generic formula adderall. I have not had brand-name adderall dispensed for years, so I do not think it’s simply the generic formula that is impacting this change. Although I guess different manufacturers can still have different generic formulas?
#Medication #ADHD #JointHypermobilitySyndrome #Fibromyalgia #ChronicFatigue #Migraine #multiplehealthconditions

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Hi everyone. You all gave me such wonderful replies the last time I posted but it took me forever to respond to them. In case you all didn’t see them, I wanted to say a huge thank you right here.

I am still struggling and one thing that’s made everything even more difficult than it has been already is that I havent had my bipolar medication since early November. The last time I got it I had a bad reaction and had to go to the ER, and discovered later that the manufacturer of the medication was different than the one Ive always had. It’s been a nightmare trying to get the meds again because none of the local pharmacies has had it in stock or if they did, it was from the manufacturer that made the one I reacted to. My doctor wanted to try something different and I will be able to pick it up tomorrow, but I can’t say Im looking forward to it. Only because it’s a new drug and usually I either have bad side effects or an allergic reaction to the newer meds. 🙁

I hate feeling so negative about this, but honestly I’m worn down to a nub and feel like I can’t take anymore. I had the flu in December and seemed to get better, but now its hitting me again and Im wondering if it might be covid. Im going to get tested to be sure, but damn Im tired! I also have no heat and one of my cats is sick, and it’s going to be awhile until I can get the money for either of those things.
All of this on top of the usual stuff (depression, grief, chronic pain, chronic fatigue) is just making me feel like Im going to fall apart. The sad thing is that Im alone too and I wish I had people around to “catch” me, but I dont.


I don’t know what I’m going to do. I guess I just wanted to get it out of my head and not feel so alone with these problems. Please keep me and my lil guy in your prayers. I/we can definitely use them!!

#Grief #Depression #Medication #ChronicPain #ChronicFatigue #ADD #sick

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Medication, Medication, Medication 💊 #BipolarDisorder #MentalHealth #Medication

I take a mood stabiliser, an antipsychotic and an antidepressant. If you imagine how a bipolar scale works, it’s 1-10 with 1 being the deepest depression and 10 being the highest high. I take a tablet to stop me going lower than a 3 (antidepressant) and one to stop me going higher than about a 7 (antipsychotic) and then a tablet to stabilise myself between the 3 and 7. That’s it in a nutshell. However getting this established is
a laborious process. I was originally on Quetiapine, an antipsychotic, and progressively worked my way up to 750mg per day. Literature dictates that the dose can range from 200mg-800mg yet when I collected my 750mg from the Chemist, the pharmacist pulled me to one side to double check it was correct and why I was having so much. They’d never dispensed so much to a person before. Subsequently I switched from Quetiapine to Olazapine. It’s a second generation atypical antipsychotic like Quetiapine. That’s the difficulty, drugs work for one but not the next.

So I initially started of on the mood stabiliser Sodium Valproate (Depakote). This is an anticonvulsant and prior to the prescription of it I had experienced 3 seizures. Depakote is used for migraines, epilepsy and bipolar in increasing dosages. I was prescribed it due to the fits. When I started it I was on Mirtazapine (an antidepressant) and together these two will exacerbate the bipolar mood shifts to mania. Further to this I researched both drugs and I read that Depakote and Quetiapine interact and they have the potential to make either of them not work as efficiently as they can. After speaking to my Psychiatrist about this, I switched to Lithium instead of Depakote. Lithium is a great medication but it brings with it a catalogue of potential side effects. You have to have regular blood tests and monitoring. I’m lucky to have no adverse reaction to it whatsoever.

I stopped the Mirtazapine too as I was having a prolonged period of mania. I’d been taking Mirtazapine for nearly 10 years and had a great, positive relationship with it. Everything has its limitations though and I changed to Fluoxetine (Prozac) which is clinically proven to have a brilliant interaction with Olazapine. I have to report, so far so good.

#MightyTogether #BipolarDepression

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We all live with Bipolar Disorder but we all have unique and individual ways of coping with it. That’s why there’s different medication for patients. Let me know what you are prescribed…

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