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Let’s talk CBD.

This is a topic I think a lot about because I find it’s a common recommendation that non-disabled people like to doll out, especially to individuals (like myself) living with chronic pain and/or anxiety. I’ve experienced no relief with CBD and mixed results with THC (it’s legal where I live and you don’t need a medical marijuana card) — so much of it depends on dosage, strain, and whether or not you’re consuming or applying something that’s actually been federally regulated.

Some questions to consider when answering this post:

🚧 What challenges or barriers have you faced with using CBD as part of your treatment regimen?

💰 How accessible and affordable have you found CBD to be?

🙋Any tips or strategies you’ve employed? Which of your symptoms benefit the most?

👿 Have you faced any judgment or stigma for using it to manage your symptoms?

#Anxiety #Depression #ChronicPain #ChronicIllness #Disability #CBD #CannabisCorner #MentalHealth #Spoonie #RareDisease #PanicAttacks #Migraine

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Recently started using #CBD and I am loving it. I used to feel like I NEEDED to smoke it but recently I’ve been experimenting with edibles. I made my own oil and I’m just baking normally with it. It’s helping my pain and overall mood! #ChronicPain #relax

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#Giggles #peacefulmorning #CBD

Spoke to my PCP about side effects, this is day 3 of no antidepressant! Very thankful for an array of ammunition to fight Segmental Dystonia!!🙃🥰💪🏽♥️🤓

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Realizing that without CBD, it's really hard to move. It feels like my brain has a weak connection with my body. With CBD it controls my pain & makes it significantly easier to move. Add a little THC, and I gain some inspiration & mental peace too. These days I need CBD just to get out of bed. #CBD

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Have you tried taking supplements for your anxiety? Any you would recommend?

Here’s what helps JS (who’s 45) and lives with anxiety:

“Being in nature, CBD oil, a supplement called SuperYou from [the brand] Moon Juice, alone time, and creating.”

👏 Big thanks to JS for being one of the many Mighties to tell us What Helps You. There are many more great tips and resources provided by our fellow members ahead. Follow along at #WhatHelpsYou

#CheckInWithMe #Depression #MentalHealth #Anxiety #CBD


Confused about cbd

#CBD hi I have eds and fibro. I have pain 24/7 and its hard to sleep. I'm on 200mg pregabalin in the morn and same at night. I take 150mg of sertraline in the morning for anxiety from ptsd and autism. I've been smoking cannabis for years to deal with the pain but I want to stop smoking. I would like to take cbd instead. I've been researching this but I'm getting confused. There is medical research that shows interactions between cbd and otc meds. The trouble is, the pain is too bad to come off meds before taking cbd. Also, I've probably been experiencing these reactions for years due to combining meds with cannabis but I'm not sure if reaction will be worse or different with cbd. Would it be better to try a cream and do these even work? Any advice greatly appreciated, thanks for reading.

and meds would be different or stronger.


Thoughts on/ benefits / personal experiences on CBD oil and Marijuana for generalized epilepsy along with GAD? (Therapist recommended)

Hi I have been recently seizure free for 3 years and just a week ago I had a grand mal seizure (seizures are stress induced) and I have been considering CBD oil or marijuana for epilepsy and my anxiety disorder (I am going to discuss this with my Nurologist) just would like some thoughts/ benefits and personal experiences with it to see if it’s worth the try!
#Epilepsy #CBD #epil


Question about CBD dosing.

I have a question about CBD dosing for fibromyalgia symptoms. First a little background:

In 2009 my family doctor suggested marijuana for fibro pain. Even though I had never smoked weed, I knew people who did. The first time I tried it, it didn't do much. I had only taken two puffs and my friend suggested that perhaps I hadn't taken enough.

Next bad day I tried again. This time I smoked more. I became completely disoriented and all I was aware of was my pain which only increased in intensity as time went on. My friend suggested sleeping it off, but the pain was too intense.

The result of this experience is that I want absolutely nothing to do with THC, even though I know it helps a lot of people. That experience was just too awful for me to want to risk anything similar again.

A number of years ago my fibro symptoms had become severe enough that I followed my therapists suggestion to try CBD oil derived from hemp (containing only negligible levels of THC). I have managed to find dosing levels that help (albeit minimally) with my anxiety and migraines, but nothing for the fibro pain thus far. Granted, the frustration associated with trying to find the right dose has had me repeatedly give up, only to try again months later.

I saw a pain specialist last week who indicated that my dosing attempts were off by an entire order of magnitude. For example, for a migraine, I take between 130-200mg CBD every four-ish hours and it just about takes off enough of the edge that I can sleep through the migraine.

The doctor indicated that for fibromyalgia he starts patients at 3g per day. (That's 15x what I've been taking!). He also wrote me a prescription for CBD oil.

The problem is, the company he referred me to provides the product, they don't confirm the doctor's dosage, so I've been waiting for him to call back and confirm.

That said, the company doesn't even sell any products that contain 3g CBD. The closest they have is an oil that sells for $180CDN and contains 2g in the entire bottle. Even the company I used to buy from maxes out with a $400CDN 5g bottle.

Add that to the fact that in all my reading/research I've never come across recommended dosages in the range he's recommending. And we were definitely talking about CBD dissolved in oil (no other variants were even discussed)!!

Naturally, with the office closed over the weekend, I'm obsessing over the dosing, even though I hope to get clarification during the week.

Does anyone here take CBD for their fibromyalgia pain? If so, do you mind sharing the dosages that work for you? Anyone taking multiple grams per day?

#Fibromyaliga #CBD

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I LOVE YOU, ZOFRAN! #InflammatoryBowelDiseaseIBD

I LOVE YOU, ZOFRAN!!! Zofran is a prescription anti-nausea/vomiting medication. It's usually what they give you in the hospital bc of nausea. I have #CrohnsDisease , #GastroesophagealRefluxDisease and #UlcerativeColitis . My symptoms are generally nausea and general stomach #Malaise . I've been nauseous for the past 2 days, and I think it's from eating too much bread, but I'm not completely sure. Zofran takes me from trying to convince myself it's okay to throw up because I KNOW I'm going to throw up whether I want to or not (But I could at least do it on my terms): "Okay. If I just go throw up I'll feel better. I can do this...," to feeling 100% better, and I'll actually forget I was even nauseous in the first place. I wish Zofran was OTC. There is NO med I've tried that works as well at stopping #nausea , except for Promethazine and #CBD suppositories. I'm just grateful to have any Zofran at all. #InflammatoryBowelDiseaseIBD #stomachissues #nausea #Medication
*I know: Not everyone thinks meds are okay
*I'm sure Zofran has side effects, but it works for me
*Everyone is allowed to do what works for them, which is fine

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