My husband had a procedure Nov1st that by surprise pathology report showed a garden pea sized andenocarcinoma( cancer). We have spent a month on our knees and crawling thru the days until further testing for (possible) more cancer could be found and treatment planned. The MRI and Ultrasound showed small areas to be addressed and reassesed on down the line. The Dr. also did biopsies last Wed.( 4 days after MRI). Report came back last night.
NO SIGN any cancer! It is gone😳😲😮🤗☺
We are in awe of the power of prayer. So many folks were in my prayer, and there is no other explanation for something to be there Dec 3rd and gone on Dec 7th.
No treatment needed. Just a recheck every 6 months for possible recurrence.
I can hardly comprehend it.
When I told my therapist yesterday, she got goosebumps.

There are so many mysteries in this world we can not comprehend. Thanking anyone who prayed ( Rhonda, I mean you for sure!)(Holly, you as well!)
Today is a days not darkened by my depression and my anxiety/panic is not nearly as bad as it was.
I am not manic, but I do know these feelings will " level" as I begin to absorb this blessing.
I welcomea new "normal" for my days.
❤❤❤ I have had my Christmas miracle. I am happy.🥰