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Told my mom about moving in with my didn't go well | TW parents, guilt-tripping, gaslighting, swearing, one all cap text, suicide ideation











I've finally told my mom that after considering, I plan to move with my dad, and said that it had nothing against her. She was offended, she even said it, too. Continuously guilt-tripping me with words like "I do everything I can for you, and yet you still chose him over me."

I told her to stop guilt-tripping me and told her numerous times that it had nothing against her. She acted like she wasn't offended and understood my decision, but as someone with autism and whose mother has been mentally abusive for most of my life, I knew she was deep down. She denied that she was guilt-tripping, and has even accused me of guilt-tripping her when I said out loud that I then wanted to kill myself (out of stress, disbelief, and not wanting to deal with the pain anymore). Not to mention that I was just looking for ways to kill myself three days ago because of this stupid society. She even said something like "how can you get mad at me when everyone else in the world does that" when I mentioned that she used to fat-shame me, shame me for not taking showers at times and compared me to others, etc... she even denied that she even MOCKED me because she thought that I was offended, when really I couldn't hear her the first time, and I told her that, too!!

I don't fucking care if she started to talk in a more understanding matter and was no longer offended and acts like she actually cares about me (like she does every fucking time we have start an argument), I'm not forgiving her for saying those things. At this point, she doesn't deserve it. One of my queerplatonic partners (not friends, but not romantic) is now pissed.. well, every one of my partners are now pissed at her at this point, and are very glad that I chose to move in with my dad instead of staying with her. She has never changed when it comes to my dad. I'm honestly very disappointed that she even acted that way. I'm fucking 21 years old, a fucking adult who can make their own fucking decisions, and yet she still hasn't changed. 😞😡

I already don't like my (older) sister very much, either, because I always feel like she gaslights me whenever we get into conflict as well.

#MyAutismIsNotADisorder #Anxiety #Family #FamilyAndFriends #GuiltTrip #SocialAnxiety #moving #SocialAnxietyDisorder #Disappointed #MentalHealth #WOW #Parent #Parents #mentalabuse #Abuse #Siblings #Gaslighting

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#Work #MentalHealth #Trying

Hey All.

Today is a day which I only work about 4 hours. It's also a day that I incredibly wish that I could have just stayed home. {Who doesn't? Unless you really, really, really, really like your job. Humm?} Anyway ... I am hoping that this little 4 hour evening shift goes smoothly and quickly for me. My new schedule has been bouncing all over like that of a small mouse circling around it's little running wheel. I am here and there and then home and in bed. My mind is not sure what it is supposed to do.

Eventually I would like to get a normal schedule. But I think, in order to request such a thing, I have to be employed 90 days. Recently as I have been sick, there were some major changes in my life. I have been sick for a whole month. They thought it was flu and then I was treated for it. Flu stayed and I stayed sick and it transitioned into bronchitis.( No idea!) But being #sick for a whole month is crappy.

It's gonna be alright. The meme for this post for me should say "when you've been at work for a 10 minutes, and then you look at the clock and it says one minute." LOL! 🤪 but I hope it made you #Laugh a bit.

How are you doing???
Take Care Guys.

#WOW l

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I gotta shout from the rooftops! #miracles #doctorsamazed #woudyoubelieve ?#WOW #PraiseGOD

My husband had a procedure Nov1st that by surprise pathology report showed a garden pea sized andenocarcinoma( cancer). We have spent a month on our knees and crawling thru the days until further testing for (possible) more cancer could be found and treatment planned. The MRI and Ultrasound showed small areas to be addressed and reassesed on down the line. The Dr. also did biopsies last Wed.( 4 days after MRI). Report came back last night.
NO SIGN any cancer! It is gone😳😲😮🤗☺
We are in awe of the power of prayer. So many folks were in my prayer, and there is no other explanation for something to be there Dec 3rd and gone on Dec 7th.
No treatment needed. Just a recheck every 6 months for possible recurrence.
I can hardly comprehend it.
When I told my therapist yesterday, she got goosebumps.

There are so many mysteries in this world we can not comprehend. Thanking anyone who prayed ( Rhonda, I mean you for sure!)(Holly, you as well!)
Today is a days not darkened by my depression and my anxiety/panic is not nearly as bad as it was.
I am not manic, but I do know these feelings will " level" as I begin to absorb this blessing.
I welcomea new "normal" for my days.
❤❤❤ I have had my Christmas miracle. I am happy.🥰


Is there anyone out there that’s similar to my age (I’m 26) that plays and RPs on World of Warcraft?

Hey, everyone. I hope you’re all as well as you can be and staying safe.

I was just curious... Is there anyone on here that plays World of Warcraft and RPs? I’ve just never met anyone that has a chronic illness and plays WoW. I’d like to make some new friends (or perhaps more if we click) that are geeks like me. 😊

I also do written RP on Discord. And sometimes just the odd little bit here and there in general. I’m forever putting stuff like *grumbles incoherently,* in messages or on Facebook. I mainly prefer paragraphs to one liners, but that’s because I’m a writer and RPing helps to shift the awful Writer’s Block.

Please feel free to comment or message me. And my Discord tag is SilentStorm#0150

Thank you all in advance!

#chronicillnesswarrior #ChronicPain #POTS #EDS #NAFLD #BPD #InterstitialCystitis #Diabetes #Migraines #WorldOfWarcraft #WOW #Roleplay #RP #geeks #Discord #Chat #Newfriends #social #Makingfriends

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