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    Is anyone on Xolair? I feel like it wears off on week three and I feel miserable. I was told to give it more time until I go to 2x month? #Xolair

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    I’m getting xolair on Wednesday!! #AutoimmuneUrticaria

    It’s been 15 weeks of daily severe hives and I’m finally getting the Xolair injection!
    I hope and pray this works! #Xolair

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    Community Voices

    Are people still able to get xolair injections during lockdown?

    Specifically in the UK? 🤔 #Xolair #Urticaria

    Community Voices

    Is there anyone who would like to share their experiences with Xolair (Omalizumab, Mast Cell Stabilizer) treatments?

    I am 4 months in on mast cell stabilizer treatments of omalizuab (300 mg/26 days). This is layered over 40mg of Rupatadine daily.
    I have a vast amount of systematic symptoms as it took a long time to receive diagnosis....I feel like things are beginning to slightly improve, however the side effects offset this positive improvement, especially in the first two weeks after treatment

    #AutoimmuneAngioedema #Urticaria #MastCellActivationDisorder #MastCellActivationSyndrome #MastCellDisease #Xolair #Immunotherapy #Fibromyalgia #ChronicPain #Lymphedema #DemyelinatingNeuropathies foll

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