I have a tumor in my pituitary gland in my brain. It became large enough in last 2 years to be dangerous. It has developed a finger starting around my right carotid artery, as it grows it is closer and closer to my sense of smell and peripheral vision increasing my bow 49% chance of loss months ago. ANXIETY PROVOKING. Removal 1/25/22- nope.
But I became sick. December 2nd RSV 2 weeks really sick; boyfriend came down with Covid HERE. Before fully recovered developed my 5th Covid, 2nd in 3 months! Before recovered developed micro bacteria bronchitis. It was January 20th before I started recovering. Surgery was canceled. Roommate (leaving soon), “Well when they gonna do it? #youarealwayssick !” I felt the dagger in my back, the chill of my estranged mother visiting, and became obsessed with NOT being sick. I only made it 23 days, and sobbed.
They won’t reschedule it until my regular doctor clears me. #longcovid flared up after a LONG time without a bad flare RIGHT for the appointment. Temp 100.1, sore throat, sinus congestion, brain fog severe, exhausted. #Dysautonomia w/ #POTS caused by severe long Covid and maybe mild closed TBI’s before last two COVID’s, and have had two near faintings with this despite Mitodrine.