My daughter has been training for a 5k race she is 12 years old with mild form of spastic cerebral palsy and a genetic chromosome deletion called 22q11.2 also known as DiGeorge syndrome and velocardiofacial syndrom. This is her last year running the 5k girls on the run race because she is moving on to middle school in the fall. Bella is a beautiful redhead with bright blue eyes. Bella is smart, fun and strongwilled determined to meet her own personal goals dispite pushing through some tough leg pains on ocassion.
Bella has kept up with girls on the run since she was in 3rd grade. Missed days of school to attend physical theraphy appoitments, occupational appoitment and speech on top of psychology appoitments.
we made it through one step at a time achieving one goal at a time.
I wasnt to encourage parents of newly diagosed kid that the moutian we face is huge we can achieve thing in our own pace in our own time. It not about winning first place in the race but building endurance and to keep pressing forward even when our legs mind and hearts feel like jelly piles of goo.
I too have 22q and having my child has shown me humans are made to achieve great things, push past limits and standards set by others.
we are proof that the power of perspective is a powerful force to be reconed with
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