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IEP vs 504 an experienced teen's perspective #MentalHealth

Hi everybody , I've had learning plans all of my life whether its an IEP or 504 , and they are very benefical. But let me explain the difference a 504 is more based on accomidations such as allowing to sit in front of class for better learning , or breaks outside the classroom etc. I had a 504 and it didn't give me as many benefits as IEP. An IEP is a plan for your kid it goes through preschool I think and College if you stil apply for it . An IEP is a plan for your kid in a time period they need to meet , my goals are like meet new healthy supportive friends , and do well in math . An IEP or 504 can be given to any kid but they have to do a lot of testing such as health, physoloical , accedmic , and social . A kid that does get the iEP or 504 will have meetings with the child's teachers , and counsolers . For me in high school its a bit different my teachers cant come to the meeting since they are teaching so they write reports about me and tell it at the meeting . Sometimes I get to attend to go to the meetings , and talk . I suggest you and your partenr go if thats possible . Any kid can get it but its hard , and parents have to fill papers in such . If your child has specail needs ,down syndrome , Autism , or for my case serve mental health then a 504 or IEP would be very benefical #iep #504plan #specialneedslearning #SpecialNeeds

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Introducing Myself

Hi everyone! I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia about a year ago at age 12. This is my first post on here. I just got a 504 plan for my school which includes extended time on assignments and tests and an adapted PE curriculum. If anyone has any advice on managing Fibro Fog with school and/or work, that would be much appreciated. Thanks!
#504plan #FibroFog #firsttimeposting