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How to stay focused

How do you stay focused? I have borderline ADHD, often find myself with a combination of ADHD and Fibrofog and unable to stay focused. Don’t have any motivation to clean/organize my place. There are apps that say they can help, but I can’t afford a monthly amount. I don’t want to budget for an app/tool if it doesn’t help you.
Has anyone found something to help with keeping focused?
#ADHD #Fibromyalgia #FibroFog

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Fibromyalgia Update Treatment and Recovery ❤️‍🩹

#Fibromyalgia #FibroFog #Fibro #Recovery

So we were researching on our heated blanket as we often do. #fibrowarrior .

We were looking into treatment therapy for Fibromyalgia and here is what we found.

Maybe IT is old news.

Insulin resistance Yep that’s righ low carb diet cut sugar and there’s more.

Here is the reference for you if you would like to review;_ylt=Awrijo84LJ5kmBkAhQJEn...

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New episode- 13: part 2 of Fibromyalgia Deep Dive!

We discuss sleep, diet, activities of daily living, pain scales, family and friends, trying to have a social life, managing a household as a parent, adaptations, medications, discrimination and SO MUCH MORE. If you or someone you know and love has been diagnosed with this condition (or maybe are in the process that takes some upwards of ten years to get), then this is the episode for you. It is complex, subjective, dynamic, and limiting. Help us shine some light on this often misunderstood disorder and maybe bring a little more kindness to those who are coping with it. Knowledge is power and we are trying to be raw, open and honest to make this journey feel a little less lonely.

Go have a listen! We’re available on most listening platforms. Go to and take a pick on links or go search for Creative Copes Podcast in your favorite app and make sure you subscribe and hit the notification button to stay up to date!
We’ve been asked for transcriptions of our episodes: Our podcast has currently no income, so we cannot pay for this service for the time being- BUT we are looking for alternatives and we hope to be able to offer transcriptions soon (they’ll be available on our blog page once we have found a viable option).
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I really struggled this week! #FibroFog #Fibromyalgia

Last week at work I really struggled with pain it was really bad in the afternoon to the point of tears! I have so much to do at work I am getting over whelmed my anxiety is in overdrive! My boss is not approachable about anything. I use to be able to handle anything now I can’t I just don’t understand. I feel useless and I am sure that my boss thinks that I just I am not wanting to do my job. And I will be at work and have a paper in my hand and zone out or forget what I am doing. Everyone is getting frustrated with me and I can’t help it I just feel defeated. I have an appointment scheduled with yet another specialist and can’t get in until august 31st

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I guess this an achievement? #Smallthings #CFS #FibroFog #Fibromyalgia

I forced myself to get up. Just ow. I'm making a frozen dinner thing. First food today. Drinking a body armour. 🥴 Fibro fog has been bad today. Super confused a lot of the time with bad executive dysfunction. 💫
I did manage to sit in the living room for a bit today and go outside and say f this because of the wind and cold 🥶 pain managed to re-hit with a double punch and I'm not fully okay but getting food.

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Toothpaste Follies

Today I went to get my blood drawn. I take off my hoodie and feel something tubular and squishy in the pocket. So I reach in and what do I find? When I burshed my teeth I put the toothpaste in my pocket afterwords because THAT is where the toothpaste goes, my friend!🤣😂🤪
#BrainFog #FibroFog #MigraineBrainFog #funny #Humor #lol #CheerMeOn #whoops

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Help: chronic fatigue, lupus warrior

I am suffering at the moment. My hydroxychloriquine was stopped in December last year after a 30 day stint in hospital. Recently my pain came full blast in my hips, butt and up and down my spine. I now have fatigue that leaves me anxious and almost breathless. Has anyone experienced this and what did you do? I arm so tired of this, #ChronicFatigue #MyalgicEncephalomyelitis #SystemicLupusErythematosus #Fibromyalgia #FibroFog

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Being honest with myself #BipolarDepression #Fibromyalgia #ChronicFatigue #InterstitialCystitis

I am agoraphobic. If I do go out it’s with my mom’s home health care worker in a car, or with my mom to help her with her doctors appointments. I have been trying to have phone or video visits with all of my doctors. My whole body hurts. My primary care doctor said that the pain center would treat the pain but not the cause of it. I have a spinal stimulator. So he wants me to go back to the spine center. Now my insurance is saying they won’t pay for Toviaz, my interstitial cystitis med. I’m exhausted all the time but I think raising my Gabapentin would help with my pain though it may add to the exhaustion. I try not to complain but I am lost. So many meds, still so much pain and no energy #ChronicFatigue #FibroFog #Agoraphobia

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Minions (Brain Fog)

Well every 2 years I change the name of my brain fog… I don’t think I’ll change it this year. But before this name it froggies… and on bad days I would say they are Ribbing everywhere… my Drs. Would say I’m glad you try to laugh through it. Well since I had Covid it has been awful…. It’s like I’m plastered. I’m not sure how to cope with the blank and as a business owner I’m stuck. I don’t even know where to begin to get started but all I know is the pain is so unbearable that I can’t function and the doctors don’t even have a clue as to what to do. #FibroFog #Fibromyalgia #covidlonghauler #ChronicPain

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