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Thoughts on ACT therapy?

I've been referred to a pain clinic & my (telephone) appointment is tomorrow. But I'm super nervous, because they seem to be focusing entirely on psychological problems. "Acceptance & Commitment Therapy" is what they're offering, & I have no idea what that is. Any attempts to Google it have only resulted in therapy jargon, & no definition even mentions chronic pain or Fibromyalgia. Anyone have any experience of it?
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ACT for Post-Traumatic Stress #PTSD #MentalHealth

Post-traumatic stress can result from several kinds of experiences which attack a person's morale and psyche. Trauma-related experiences come in many forms: it can be criminal victimization (rape, assault, armed robbery), domestic assault, childhood sexual abuse, natural catastrophes (tornado, fire), and so on. Ordinary human responses to post-traumatic stress are avoidance, numbing, or derealization. Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) is used to treat PTSD and other mental health disorders. The goal of ACT is to promote acceptance while focusing on attention and commitment.

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