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    I wish I could get a special wheelchair so I can do trix on it u sit on a chair

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    Down Syndrome Clothing

    There are lines of clothing that have been developed by and/or for individuals with Down syndrome.

    We have struggled in a few areas with AJ when trying to find clothes as well. Pants are often too long, while shirts are too short. All of those cute two piece outfits that come together? Forget it - his top and bottom are definitely not the same size.

    In part this is due to his shorter stature, which is common in people with Down syndrome. It’s also due to his low muscle tone. The lower muscle tone results in his belly sticking out further, as the muscles in the abdominal wall relax more than most people’s do.

    NBZ apparel is a clothing brand that was developed by the grandmother of a child with Down syndrome. They feature pants that have shorter legs, lower fronts that read below the belly, and higher backs.

    Add to this that fine motor skills can be difficult for people with Down syndrome. Things like doing buttons can be incredibly challenging.

    There are a number of brands who have been adding adaptive designs to their clothing lines. Lands End and Tommy Hilfiger have adaptive lines that use magnets beneath buttons, so clothing has the appearance of being buttoned but is much easier to get on and off.


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