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What would you add to this list? #Childrearing #Adoptees

Hello #MightyINsighters Experts tell us that there are certain phrases that are good for your child’s #MentalHealth and development. What would you add to this list?

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Adoption rquirements

In Kuwait the process is more like fostering than it is adoption .. because in Islam the adoptee must keep his/her name if and when known otherwise and in the case of unknown parents, we - adoptive parents- create a name for the child as close as we can to ours .. with an imaginary father and grandfather. I will , though , refer to it as adoption in my thought/article.
The name is not my issue here, my problem is how much or how strict should we be in choosing adoptive parents for a child? How much can we interfere after the adoption is final?
The stories I hear from adoptees, things they go through, issues they need help with is overwhelming to me.. let alone to them.
The way I look at it, and correct me if I am wrong- is this: since the adoptive parents are childless, and would love to have a child that is not theirs.. and will not be carrying their name (islam rules) nor will the child inherit (again islam) can we require adoptive parents education, enforce training classes, support groups a must ? Or are you of the opinion that supports: if the adoptive parents had their own kids they would bring them up that same way, so why interfere. #Adoption #Adoptees #adoptivemother #Adopteerights #Requirements