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Hopeful #hopeful #Faith #Loved # grateful #Healing #Unmasked

Today I’m just in a space where I’m able to see the brighter things in my life, and special mention to my bestfriend, I’ve known her for more than 16 years❗️, she’s the one person who understands the real unmasked me, I could call her , tell her I’m not okay and she’d simplify say , I’m listening and I love you🥹, she understands it all, I don’t have to be scared to seem crazy, she just gets me.

I called my two sisters yesterday, they are both not doing too well, but they are positive, these are the two people remaining that have known me for my two complete 26 years❗️ I love them

Everyone else just doesn’t get it, and it’s okay, I just need to focusthe energy that I have forcused on everyone else on me, I deserve that love❗️

I got a rescue cat, he’s incredible♥️, I hope that I can love him better 🥹

I have decided to love myself more, eventually when I have my mask off, i need to love the real me, even when noone else does, I’ve Got Me❗️

I told my boyfriend about my anxiety issues, I don’t think he understands, but he is trying, I greatly appreciate that♥️

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New Group Member

Welcome to the group #MightyINsighters We are happy to have you! Please let us know what type of content and posts you would be interested in and feel free to create a post to introduce yourself #Wanted #Chosen #Loved #Adoption #AdoptionConstellation

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Hello #MightyINsighters Hope you are well! As we start the second month of 2023 I wanted to provide encouragement to you to believe in yourself and your abilities. Please know this group is meant to support your journey. #CheckInWithMe #affirmations #Wanted #Chosen #Loved #AdoptionJourney #AdoptionConstellation

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We are the #TheMighty ! #Fibromyalgia #ChronicPain #ChronicFatigue #Insomnia

No matter what we are struggling with, we are it together! You are loved! You are understood! You are not alone! You are strong! I say these things for myself, as well. I work full-time, even on days when I hurt and have not been able to sleep the night before (like today). But, I get up, I shower, I do my hair, I put my business clothes on, and the second I walk into the office I feel alone with my illness and pretend it is not there. I love our Mighty community and the love that is always here! Have an amazing day and remember you are not alone, and you are #Loved

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When the dragons roar #Bipolar #BPD #Depression

Hello mighty peeps
You know that your day was a total mess, when it’s 6PM, and everything you’ve tried to do, has gone T…s up!
I call #Bipolar , #BPD , #Depression and #ADD that live in my brain, The Dragons.
Today, they woke up, and #roared like mad!
It works like this:
#the dragons spit #fiery insults at #Loved ones… and I am #helpless to stop them. I seem to be saying #Sorry a lot, for stuff I’ve not done. The worst of it for me, is feeling #helpless . Then, for some stupid reason, every single thing I attempt? #Broken ! My computer decided to stop working, the postman left my packages from an expensive online shop in another district, never to be seen again. Post office takes NO blame!?! Then before computer kicked off, I get an email from another online store’ my package was returned, and I must pay more money for a re-delivery??? The postman is on my hitlist. Everything including my voice is gone, my #mind is #roaring with #fury , #Bipolar is having such fun! And I’m about to take a chill pill, or I’m not responsible.
I hope you all have a fabulous evening

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Feeling truly appreciated #happy #Loved

I feel very appreciated by my amazing beautiful fiancé she just appreciates every little thing I do for her from simply making her lunch to comforting her after a flashback she sent me a text yesterday saying she is so thankful for me and not seeing her as anything wrong with her which I never could see her that way she told her ex what had happened to her and he responded with just ok which it definitely wasn’t it’s also in my case my ex never appreciated me she just expected me to do things for her but my fiancé is so different my fiancé sometimes says I do too much for her I like doing things for her because I know she appreciates them it’s just so nice to finally be appreciated by someone

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Memory Lane

Hello Everyone!

I believe we have officially kicked off the #Holidayseason here in central Florida. I am #excited but #sad at the same time. Do you know what I mean?

You see, the time change, mixed with the days being shorter, mixed with #Bipolar II and #Anxiety , it's pretty #horrible .

I am a mix of excited for the decorations around the #ThemeParks and I am looking forward to seeing what is happening in #WaltDisneyWorld next.

I do feel #Loved and #Supported , but I know that I am not 100% where I thought I would be at this point in #Life . Perhaps we have an illusion we are supposed to be something else, when nature always happens?

Let's hope this #Holiday season is #good for you!

How do you #celebrate the holidays?