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    Realization #adultchdwarriors

    Yesterday in discussing life and health issues with a friend they used the term “defective” - it took me a bit but I realized that is the exact term to describe the feeling that has been overwhelming me. I’ve had 4 open heart surgeries, 2 of them in my adult life. I have never been remotely phased until this year- 2020. A year after my most recent. I’m apparently still adjusting to a new normal but with everything that has occurred this year- I just feel defective. Any era you can name- I feel defective. #CongenitalHeartCondition #CongenitalHeartDefectDisease #adultchdwarrior

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    Getting ready to put in wood flooring #CheerMeOn

    I always get really excited when I get projects like this. I love reorganizing, redoing and cleaning. Especially during this time of lockdown. I’ve been feeling really stagnant lately and I’ve been off work the most time I ever have this school year (I work at a high school) and between my surgery and this lockdown I only ended up working a total of two months. I’m finally feeling like I’m not fatigued and I felt fatigued from my heart issue for so so many years so I’m so excited to start testing my limits. Part of me feels guilty and a bit stretched thin between wanting to write, work on my house, and still work with my students from home. But I’m also thankful I’m not so bored anymore. I like the challenge. #CheerMeOn #ChronicIllness #adultchdwarrior #CongenitalHeartDefectDisease #Disability #MentalHealth #Depression #RareDisease #COVID19