My experience with my Uber driver was the smoothest I’ve ever had. I don’t drive due to my dyscalculia and amaxophobia (car phobia).

But, usually when I get an Uber I’m terribly nervous and afraid that the Uber driver may take the wrong turn and I’m embarrassingly confused. I always want to avoid getting an Uber.

But, when my designated driver is unavailable. I have to take the transportation that is literally at my fingertips.

So, today for the sake of my daughters needing to get to school since there’s a shortage of bus drivers I had to have them ubered to school. I’m already nervous about who will be driving us because the world can be a scary place.

The Uber driver was a male who ubered us in his pickup truck. I was nervous automatically because I am uncomfortable around most men due to my unfortunate childhood trauma.

But I read his reviews and he seemed to be an highly starred gentleman. Also on his profile bio he described himself as a “blessed parent” so that put me at ease a little.

He also tried to make small talk I guess to help me get more comfortable. Maybe he felt my tension. But, again it wasn’t just my PTSD trying to flare up. But I just didn’t want him to make any wrong turns either.

Thankfully he made it to my kids school so promptly without any confusions like some of the other Uber drivers I’ve had .

And when he took me home he missed zero turns. I was getting nervous because I am terrible with directions. But he wowed me.

This Uber driver is literally the first to get me to my destinations with any hiccups. It just made me feel so safe and happy.

I felt that I needed to share this story. A moment in my life where I finally was free from the burden of feeling lost and confused.
#PTSD #Anxiety #Amaxophobia #Disabled