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Am I wrong? #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #clarity

I understand that my mental illness impacted my 17yr old daughter through the years but my mother is blaming for everything. My daughter is living with my mother since she didn't like the rules in our house so she left at 17. She's smoking weed, drinking, having unprotected sex and not addressing her mental illness at all. Of course, my mother told me today that it's all my fault, my fault she uses, my fault she's broken and dealing with so many mental illness issues. The problem I have is that I did all the same things and was finding ways to not have her do those things until my mother stepped in. I told her today that if I'm to blame for my daughter's issues then she's to blame for mine many years ago, which isn't true at all. The only thing my mother did was suffer from mental illness, she's never truly addressed, and not getting me the help I needed to address mine. Now my daughter is unmedicated, in no therapy, no psychiatrist but she's been diagnosed with mild psychosis, panic disorder, ptsd, severe depression and borderline personality disorder. I tried to talk to my mother about a post of my daughter smoking weed and as I said her response was its all my fault. Am I wrong and she's right? I know in my heart I'm right but it's truly taking all in me to not let my BPD mind runaway with the fear that I did cause all of that.

#BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #clarity #Parenting #AmIWrong #bpdmind


Anyone else have OCD & like a tidy house, flat etc? #QueenOfClean

My bd & I have been together 11months & I've practically lived at his for 7. Drives me nuts when he leaves stuff out; am I wrong to ask him to put it away? It's his flat but he refers to it now as ours, x
#AmIWrong ? #ImNotEasyToLiveWith

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