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♡ " So On My Day Off I Finally Went Somewhere.. I Really Needed To Go 2. " ♡ #AnAnniversaryDeath

♡ " So I Finally Went To Vist For The 1st Time My Son's Grave Stone... And I Finally Was Able To Cry My Heart Out.. It Felt Like I Was Holding On For Decade's Of Blame And Sadness.. Thing's Happen That Are Out Of Our Control... I Have Blamed Myself For My Son Passing Away... From Sudden Infant Death Syndrome... For So Long... I Received A Sign In Form Of A White Bird Standing Outside A Door.. That I Will Be Ok. And That I Shouldn't Blame Myself.. For Thing's That Were Out Of My Control... I Feel A Sense Of Relief On My Heart... It Was Extremely Heavy With Pain.."♡ #Sadness Sincerely, ☆▪︎▪︎▪︎☆ S.K. ☆▪︎▪︎▪︎☆

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♡ " So Tomarrow Is Going To Be A Rough Day For Me... " ♡ #AnAnniversaryDeath #Depression #Anxiety #saddness

♡ " So As Alot Of You Know From My Post's... That I Was A Mother.. And Lost A Baby.. I Have Recurring Nightmare's Every Year When His Anniversary Is Here... The Memorie's Of Losing A Tiny Little Human Being... On Replay... I'm In No Mood To Work Tomarrow... But I Have To Act Happy And Get It Over With... And Just Fake It Till I End My Shift... I Didn't Go Into Work Today Because I Had Nightmare's... And Pain In My Lower Back And Hip's And Ankle's... I'm So Miserable... And Sad Right Now... I Just Want To Curl Up In A Stuffed Animal Or Fleece Blanket... I Have Sat Off... " ♡ #heartbreak #exhusted ●▪︎○S.K.○▪︎●

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