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    Rejection and BPD

    I'm incredibly sad. My chest is constantly heavy and inside I feel only guilt. I am alone with these feelings because apparently my husband is mad at me. He is on a longer business trip and on Thursday we had an argument, since then he hasn't even read the messages and had nothing to do with me. I am lonely and I would just like to disappear, disappear from the world, I have nothing but loneliness and emptiness. Does this have BPD? is it supposed to be about this? It seems that even love feels like a burden and only causes melancholia. I don't jump for joy when I fall in love, but inside I feel joy, but at the same time guilt and fear. The fear comes from being afraid to trust and believe in love, to believe that someone sees good in me and fear that they will reject and hurt me. Do these feelings belong to BPD? Does anyone else have the same feelings? #BPD #Sadness #Loneliness #Emptiness

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    Feeling hopeless and missing my son after divorce

    I coparent with my ex of 21 years marriage and I’ve just spent time with my 17 year old son. I’ve now had to leave him and come home to an empty house on Mother’s Day and all the the way home driving, in my head I just wanted to not feel these feelings of loss and pain anymore. I just don’t want to hurt. #suicidal ideation #Sadness #Loss

    I would never hurt him or my 21 yr old daughter by acting on the thoughts. I just want to heal and 2 yrs later after the divorce, I still miss the family routines, my children, my home and my pets.

    I’m estranged from family and I have a partner but he’s v far ( long distance) and he doesn’t really understand these feelings, even though he tries to help me talk them through. He keeps telling me we have a future ahead of us but today I just want to not be here because it hurts so much to feel.

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    Misunderstandings on Social Media

    I’m getting really sick of most social media realms.

    One of my friends posted: “You don’t have to run far or fast to stay fit.” With a meme on the benefits of running. This woman is always trying to purport this sport as something people should do.

    I stated my opinion that I feel the sport isn’t for everyone, it’s not for me because of my ACL’s (one repaired) and my arthritis. She commented with articles on how running builds strong bones and connective tissue. I said that I was glad the sport was for her, but it’s not for me. She IM’d me, all butt hurt that I attacked her on her own page. That wasn’t my intent, at all.

    I apologized. People just frequently misconstrued written words. Maybe, I’m just in a lot of mental anguish for bullshit I’ve been through lately?

    I don’t know. I’m tired of stepping on eggshells with people. My feelings are also valid but I know I shouldn’t comment on anything, really. Only positive and agreeing comments are accepted, even at that, it’s usually about oneself.

    “Be yourself; everyone else is taken.”

    With me regarding the acquaintance it’s like this joke: “I saw people jogging past my window today, and it motivated me to get up and close the blinds!”

    #SocialMedia blows #PTSD #Sadness #BeYourself -but mostly I just feel #SOCIALLYAWKWARD sometimes, Maybe I should just fade away..

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    Loneliness and self discoverment process

    Hi guys, Im new on Mighty and I decided to write a worry wich is already consuming me. Im 21 and I feel like I have to be alone for some time since I broke up with a boyfriend. Furthermore, my trouble is that I dont know who am I, Im feeling like I forgot myself and now the anxiety is getting bigger because this sense of loneliness and emptyness. Being with myself is most of the times awful, I dont know how to stay with myself. Nevertheless, I really want to improve a lot of things on me as my eating habits, exercising more, studying harder and I still feeling that nothing will be enough even when I know that I need to love myself in order to stay calm. Anyway, I think that this feeling was not worked correctly when I was younger because I always used to put all my attention to my fiances forggeting myself. In my opinion, trying to understand me so that I will feel better with me and my enviorenment could help me stop thinking badly or could not?
    I really want to know what do you think, It would help me a lot. Thanks so much🙏 #lonelyness #Sadness #Anxiety

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    Hey! 👋🏻 Im new here! I litterally feel so horrible at this moment but hello everyone… I Feel So Alone .. And oh and off through my whole (day) has been on and off tears running down my face….:(((( ughh! I Feel so mentally drained.
    #BipolarDepression #Depression #Sadness #Suicide #worthless #feelalone

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    Still Searching For TheLight #Sadness

    #Depression #mentalhealthawareness

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    Unexpected Circumstances Faced Without Stress: #Bummed But Not #Defeated

    Recently I share about a math course I am taking. Unexpectedly my funds for the tuition were cut. I dropped the course. Sadly, I found out I owe a balance for the tuition a few hours before my second class meet time. And because I am out of work due to a medical leave, I simply cannot pay or create more debt, especially when I am paying to increase additional stress in my life because I am learning complicated math skills, during this season of recovery.

    Am I bummed? Yes, a little bit. I was geared-up, emotionally, to take the course. But this “geared-up” energy is an aspect of my nature that my cognitive therapist challenged me to rid myself of: I am a “go getter!” But that characteristic is fueled by pain and anxiety driven strength.

    So, not taking the course is probably better for my recovery despite my desire to keep forging ahead with earning my degree. And one thing I am learning during this medical leave is taking the stress out of unexpected circumstances. I can admit I am bothered. Cry if necessary. And then continue living life.

    My traumatized habitual thinking tried to shift my thoughts to a degrading place with these thoughts: what will others think; am I quitting; my life is a mess; I should have put the balance on credit. But my—in the process of—rewiring my neural plasticity’s way of thinking, reminded me how this dropped course is beneficial: no new debt to stress about; realizing my upcoming six-month neural assessment will be conducted the day before our first mid-term “quiz.” So, WOW! When I realized the latter, I see this financial issue as a blessing in disguise. Those two events occurring at the same time would have created a serious amount of stress on my brain. Phew!

    Thanks for providing us the platform to share and work through our life events! Indeed, this is a place connecting #TheMighty !

    #Anxiety #Sadness
    #Selfcare #Selfcompassion

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    Hope and the future

    Instead of using 'The Mighty' to weep and moan. Maybe... just maybe...I can use this site to better myself. It wont happen today and I don't expect it to happen tomorrow but there was once "Hope".

    My initial thoughts after the "incident" were feelings of relief and hope for the future. The relief was short lived but I managed to remind myself that there was "hope" for me.

    The relief was important because it signified rock bottom. It was only up from there... The difficulty for me was that I had come from the top; I just didn't know it at the time. I was forced to rebuild my life and it was incredibly difficult.

    I have been picking up the pieces for over ten years trying to clear my name. My old friends were not willing to forgive me and my new friends ditched me & left me broken. I knew I had to change my life and stop the anti-social & self destructive behaviour.

    I started to rebuild my life one thing at a time. I was still miserable, bitter and angry. My parents were supportive but didn't have the tools to help me.

    I didn't even recognise myself and I had to learn to love myself. I wish I had the insight to realise that the solitude was a blessing and an opportunity for self-reflection. Instead of doing the work and bettering myself, I locked myself up and threw away the key.

    I thought time would heal my trauma. Time has provided separation and offered me the opportunity for reflection. Unfortunately, I did not take the opportunity and continued with the same negative outlook towards life. I continued to look for external gratification to fill the void although I finally made the conscious decision not to go back for more punishment.

    It's now time to start working and bettering myself. Learning new techniques and attending therapy to work through my anxiety, depression & self-loathing.

    I am ready to start healing and setting myself up for the future. I am tired of feeling sorry for myself and want more out of life. I want genuine friendships & relationships without the need for alcohol and substance abuse.

    It's going to be a long and difficult road but I am now willing to start the process of piecing myself back together little by little.

    #Hope #future #Depression #Sadness #sad #up #down #TheMighty #MightyTogether #Friends #Connections #Family #reputation #Respect #Love #calm #peace #Spiritual #Anxiety #grateful #live

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    Pain That knows

    #Depression #Anxiety #GenderDysphoria #MentalHealth #transformation #rebirth #Rise

    A long time ago in a far far far far distance from where we are today there was this person who was neither alive more dead. This person never felt the same nave felt included or connected with the people around them. This person would do what is expected and would put on that smile wear that hat 🎩 or that hat 🧢 well maybe that hat 👒 so as to blend or fit in until the time when IT was time to move on and try again. The emotional damage built over time IT really did. So much so that the person #disassociated #DID or as the person who explains #Dis #Divergent #Identity #Spectrum . The person didn’t feel real lived in #Autopilot mode and #DID what was expected of them. #Numbess #hurt #Pain #sorrow #Loneliness #Sadness #abandonment and yes #homelessness .

    #transformation from a spiritual perspective and a physical perspective is a profound experience that changes your perception. When you have read the bible searched through Google and endured countless hours of counseling you realize #It . IT is what IT is isn’t IT. #please choose you. #please choose your present. #please choose your path. When you do not choose #you to be who you are others do.

    #Transition ended the cycle.

    This person sacrificed their life so that a new life could be! Now #free in #2023 this person has hope and a life that is full of love in so many different ways. The love this person has is #Selflove #SelfIdenty #Selfcare and yes #SpiritualLove .

    No longer dose the person stare in the mirror 🪞 trying to see someone else. No now the person sees someone who is actually looking back at them. That person smiles! That person is happy! That person dose what makes them an individual!

    We are all different and we all are special in so many ways so please 🙏 know there are better days!

    #yournotalone #YourWorthy #yourlifematters

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    Black Dog

    George Bernard Shaw said, “A Native American elder once described his own inner struggles in this manner: Inside of me there are two dogs. One of the dogs is mean and evil. The other dog is good. The mean dog fights the good dog all the time. When asked which dog wins, he reflected for a moment and replied, ‘The one I feed the most’.”#Trauma #Love #TheMighty #MightyTogether #Lonliness #Sadness #Depression #Lonliness #self #Friends #Family #sad #Emotion #Life #MakeMeLaugh #Shame #Guilt #suffering #Pain #hurt #struggle #Happiness #peace #MightyMinute

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