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    Why do I repeat a lot... ?

    #TBI #Depression #anexity #Sadness

    My family amd friends notice ai repeat a lot. And it upset them or worries them?

    I try my best to not keep repeating, but i just cant recall or it just becomes a subject that hard to redscrib in a setnece? Or i no know anymore?

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    Intense anger and sadness #anger #Sadness

    I have been struggling with this anger and sadness my fiancé was sexually abused none of this anger is towards her in any way it’s towards the person that hurt her i love my fiancé more then anything I’ve noticed I go from feeling so anger about what he did to her that I physically start to shake to fighting back tears trying not to cry it just makes me so anger and sad to think someone could ever hurt her I try my best to talk about my feelings but I tend to bottle them up just today I was so angry my fiancé said I was shaking then to only being able to hold her while I cried how can I overcome these feelings I know it’s normal to feel this way but what can I do because I can tell it upsets my fiancé seeing me so sad and angry thanks for any advice

    Community Voices
    Community Voices

    Hoping that theirs a more sophisticated being out there in the universe

    I’m really hoping that a more sophisticated being is out in the universe watching over us. With the recent news of unidentifiable crafts by the U.S Navy or Air Force I’d say it’s very likely we’ve been observed. I probably sound nuts to some but it would actually give me great comfort knowing that we’re not alone. I just hope that they would be gentle with us mortals more so I hope that we as a species would not destroy or hurt them as we’ve done with our own planet. I’d love to have a dialogue with said sophisticated species but after all I’m just a lowly peasant of a human being. Peace everybody.
    #Depression #Agoraphobia #AnxietyAttacks #PanicAttacks #Sadness #lonely #Pain #Life

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    Every bad time actually much better than good time.

    <p>Every bad time actually much better than good time.</p>
    Community Voices

    My experience with bullying and why I feel it hasn’t gotten better, but actually has gotten worse

    From as little as I can remember I was always the kid that would be singled out by the group and picked on, in responce and due to being a highly sensitive person I would react in extreme amounts of rage. That is until I got to high school where i realized that I was dealing with people in adult body’s with kid brains that could actually seriously hurt me, so I played along with the harassment or just did nothing. I’m sick of this notion that ignorant people and the media portrays that your weak if you get picked on and do nothing about it, that was me and I’m not weak, what’s weak is the person picking on someone for no reason (as if there would ever be a good reason, no). Well after graduation from high school I assumed I would be rid of the pain and mental anguish that I received at the hands and mouths of the bullies, nope, I found other apps where I was relentlessly trolled, thankfully not this one, but the trolling is almost more cowardly then in person. I’d like to rid the world of bullies and trolls they take up to much airspace. To this very minute I’m still suffering from the affects of trolls and bullies from my past.
    #Antibullying #MentalHealth #ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder #Anxiety #Agoraphobia #AnxietyAttacks #Depression #Pain #Sadness #sorrow #Sickness

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    Community Voices
    Community Voices

    I want to run
    To run away from the pain
    To run away from the guilt
    To run away from myself.
    I want to run
    To a place in my mind
    To a place that is safe
    To a place that is whole
    I want to run
    To some one who cares
    To someone who knows
    To someone to love
    I want to run
    And never look back
    And never have doubts
    And never give up
    I want to run
    To a me that is whole
    To a me that is brave
    To a me that is real
    I want to run
    From this brain that is broke
    From this body I hate
    From this heart that won't heal.
    I want to run
    To a place I don't know
    To a world that's true
    To a peace unknown
    I want to run.


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    Community Voices
    Community Voices