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    Simply painful

    I know this sounds stupid but only two days after the breakup he stopped using our Netflix account. And it made me more sad…how pathetic is that :(
    #breakup #saddness #Anxiety #Broken

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    Letting go #Depression

    So, I'm on Instagram and I tried to reconnect with people I was once friends with. All these friendships ended because of me. I'll like a photo and make a comment but never get a response. I'm trying to rebuild a friend network even if it means starting over. It sucks that I miss these people but don't know how to get over it. They didn't do anything wrong. #Friendship #Christian #saddness

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    This might sound silly to people but I’m two weeks I stop watching my granddaughter die to me going back to work full time. Now I’m grateful that I can finally work full time but I’m the same sense my heart is very heavy. I’ve watched every Wednesday since she’s been born and I have such a sense f sadness cause she saved my life several times when I was suicidal. Her unconditional love for me and her smile and hugs stopped me every time.

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    I can't stop crying when I feel this intense sadness and I feel so alone. I want to feel better but just don't know how right now?

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    My day

    Feeling a little down today went to work felt fine until a customer at my job try to talk to me I froze didn’t say anything to her , had a Anxiety , just came home and I’m tired 😴 😥😭🥱 top it all had a sad news yesterday found out someone I once knew died from Coronavirus make it even worst so I had that on my mind today as well . #mental health #Anxiety #Anxiety Attacks #Depression #saddness #social anxiety

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    just feel empty

    I feel like I'm losing myself like nobody would care if I end it tomorrow feel like I bother everyone #Depression #evilthoughts #saddness

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    PMDD and I hate myself so much #PMDD #Selfhate #Anxiety

    It’s been a few days of being in a state of panic. I know my pmdd is getting worse each day. The other day standing in the shower crying to God to help stop me from the suicidal ideation.

    I just started birth control Yaz - I don’t know if that’s amplified the depression?
    There was an incident with neighbor. .
    I’ve been drinking everyday to muffle the noise of the neighbor and the constant self criticism playing in my head. I just want to not hate myself.
    I know all this is contributing. I know this and I know that. I’m stuck. I have no support. God usually helps me but I’m being lazy with him. I want human friends. I want someone who knows me. And cares. I’m so sad. I’m really ugly towards ppl right now. I also look ugly. I’m sorry if I sound like a jerk. I know I am. I hope someone will love me as I am. And I won’t push them away.
    Anyone care. Anyone feedback. Anyone insight.
    Also in relapse and cognitive brain skills are dead. I am dumb right now. I know this is stupid vent. But so overwhelmed tired in pain and all the mental stuff. Huge work thing Boss irritated with me - even though they’re actually taking advantage of me. Why am I always such a loser and a failure!! Tried to reach out for some support - no one available. I know I’m blessed but so much sucks right now. Oh lord help me I believe help my unbelief. Help me please help me #PMDD #Fibromyalgia #Anxiety #CheckInWithMe #Depression #Selfhate

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    Barricaded in this room
    Afraid of the people
    Who wish to look in
    To check how I’m doing
    How I’m holding up
    When they want me to be fine
    When they want me to be ok
    Then get disappointed when the truth just doesn’t fade away
    That I’m not ok
    That my mind is messed up
    That I wish my sisters where here,
    Instead of sitting with God having blast
    Not long gone
    While I’m stuck here crying over the past


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    I can literally feel my heart aching every time I breathe I feel like if I take a deep breath it may explode I’m sure if anyone understands that.... I feel like all the pain I’ve been hiding for years all hits me at one time when I’m in a dark place. #Pain #saddness

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    #dealing w the constant, continuous pain of Fibromyalgia, ER all creates a deep sadness within me that is difficult in and of itself to deal with. This is not the bipolar depression I know but is centered around loss, a type of grief over the continuous loss of physical self......#

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