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    Anxiety About Being Cheated On Despite Currently Being Single

    Ever since reading about this TV show where a celeb crush I like plays a character who cheats on his wife (note, said celeb crush at least so far seems a nice guy who wouldn't do that), I am terrified of it happening to me. Though I know, since I myself am a performer, that you have to play some unlikable people after a certain point, I feel so tormented by it. I think I have developed a trigger for adultery. I am afraid of falling in love or getting into a relationship, but that I won't be attractive or good enough and their eyes will wander to someone better. I find myself obsessing over it and getting upset about it, even though it's never happened to me yet, and wondering how on earth will I cope. #Anxiety #triggers #Love #heartbreak #betrayal #Relationships #celebcrushes #cheating #Adultery #Advice #help #Fear

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    Advice on a breakup

    My boyfriend broke up with me a few days ago and honestly, I’ve never felt so broken. I absolutely love him with everything I have and he just walked away. He kept saying that I was the one and recently he said he stopped loving me. Not only am I on my own again, we have to sort out our flat. It’s in both our names but I can’t afford to move out or stay on my own. I have no idea what to do and I’m really scared about the future and I don’t want a life that doesn’t have him in it. Does anyone have any advice on any of this, because I’m really struggling right now and have no idea what to do. #Depression #heartbreak #GettingHelp #Relationships


    Getting over someone

    So I have a stupid question, and no one else to ask.. How do I get over someone I HAVE to stay inn contact with and be on good terms with? I realised about two years ago that I still have feelings for my daughters dad.. He doesn't have feelings for meg, which is okay. It just sucks that I still can't get over him.. It's been 9 years since we were a couple, and I still love him.. How the f**k do I get over him? We're good friends, who sometimes have sex (I know that needs to stop), and our kid loves that we get along so well and can do stygg together like having movienights, going out to dinner together etc.. I'm stuck.. I wanna move on, but I don't want to stop hanging out together because our kid enjoys ut som much.. so.. What do I do? #breakup #Coparenting #Parent #Parenting #singleparent #heartbreak


    Heartbeat: Read Aloud = Spoken Word


    By Erica Camp

    Why is my heart so fragile?

    It’s shattered on the floor

    You can even see it beat

    Even when it’s in pieces

    I long for the person

    Who could take that pain away

    Pulling from a string

    Still connected to my chest

    My attachment

    But is attachment enough?

    I gave you my heart

    Now it’s lying on the floor

    I still have that bond

    Like three sisters holding scissors

    My long cord viewed in the light

    Should we cut it out?

    Release this yanking of my heart

    Broken on the floor

    Begging for me to allow

    For once, fate to intercede

    Oh, my three sisters are you seeing?

    This thread that holds my love

    Toxic and triggered

    Pulsing with fear and anxiety

    Why am I this way?

    Why do I want to be loved?

    I want a love that’s whole


    But I must pick up the pieces

    And I’ll cry over years past

    Of memories that are sweet

    Like a peach in the summer

    Turned sour like lemon juice

    You want your freedom to live

    But all I want is someone

    Whose heart can beat alongside mine

    Fate will cute this string of my destiny

    They are just waiting for me to say the word


    #heartbreak #PTSD #Poetry #SpokenWord #Trauma #Grief


    I opened myself up to a relationship and shut that door real quick

    After a horrible break up several months ago I tried to open myself back up. I was talking to a gentleman and it was the typical getting to know you talks and cute and funny.

    Then it all went south. He stopped responding to messages and flaked on plans twice. I know what my rational brain is saying and what my emotional brain is saying and as much as I want to leave this situation and move on, it really freaking hurts, a lot.

    I know I deserve better than to be treated like an after thought but that doesn’t make the hurt any less. I wish I could shake this off but after a few sets of tears I’m still not over it.

    Getting let down hurts, feeling disrespected hurts and I think it’s okay but it’s still hard!

    #Relationships #heartbreak #MentalHealth


    Sad but gonna be ok....#MightyPoets #ArtTherapy #Fibromyalgia #Osteoarthritis #sjogrens #Anxiety #PTSD #heartbreak

    Hey there, it's been quite some time since I've posted. I got swept up in a lovely, sweet love affair that I thought was true forever love, and now it's over... Life moves on, lessons are learned, but I wrote a poem about it for old time's sake.

    To the Guy who Broke Down My Walls and Then Broke My Heart--

    Thank you for being there when I needed someone to guide me out of a very dark place

    Thank you for showing me my heart wasn't made of stone, that I could still love and trust and feel connection to someone

    Thank you for reminding me that I am strong and beautiful and capable of anything

    Thank you for all the laughter

    Thank you for a fall and winter full of feeling sexy and adored and safe and happy....



    Thanks for dumping me... It's an experience I've never had before and even though it SUCKS, on some level I understand why it had to happen...


    Oh, and just one more thing--

    F**K YOU for breaking my heart and being the reason I have to put my walls back up!

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    Life’s Like That! #Leukaemia #AterialvenousMalformation #GiantCellArteritis #ChronicPain #Isolation #heartbreak

    My niece died last Monday night. She had been fighting Leukaemia. One minute she seemed to be okay. The next, on end of life care! And boom! She is dead! It happened so quickly in the end!
    I am a coloured pencil artist. When her brother, my nephew died, I drew! I kinda zoned out and was drawing and listening to music. I can’t draw at the moment. I have been diagnosed with bursitis in my right shoulder. I have to rest it or I’ll make it worse!
    I want to support my sister, brother in law, my surviving niece, my deceased nieces husband and children! My sisters grandkids! I can’t even support myself!!
    I have several disabilities and disorders. They’ve been coming thick and fast since I turned forty! I spend most of my time drawing. I have no friends. They all disappeared when I was diagnosed with bipolar! Fairweathered friends! That’s all they turned out to be in the end! I just feel so alone!
    I thought I’d show you some of my artwork. After depressing everyone with my post. I thought I’d put something uplifting on! My niece liked my art. She didn’t say a lot. She was very much like her dad in that respect! 🫶

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    Thoughts of suicide appear a lot in my head lately. I noticed I imagine what would it be, how, where, how would people react.
    The scary thing is that I already tried it once,7 years ago. So I’m afraid that once it will appear in my head again, I’ll just follow it.
    I’m so exhausted with everything that’s going on. The past keeps coming back. I know my future is not very bright.
    Work is draining me. I’m super bipolar. Like, I wanted to go out yesterday. So my bf took me out with his friends. And even though I know them, I was extremely anxious. I didn’t eat or drink anything. I was at the verge of crying and I wanted to leave. My relationship is not enough for me. I mean, I love him but I don’t think I am in love. I’ve been super distant. Plus, I got feelings for someone else. His friend, specifically. And I was honest with him but he rejected me. Which is not a surprise, but it still hurts because I opened up to him, we used to be close and I’ve ruined it. Because I guess, I
    Imagined too much. I’m just so unsatisfied with my life. And it’s just not getting better at all. #Depression #tired #PTSD #BipolarDisorder #heartbreak #Anxiety


    What should I Do?

    What should I do
    If all I am is a failure?
    What should I do
    If all you do is leave?

    What should I do
    With every breath
    I take
    It hurts
    What do I do
    If you hide how you feel?
    What should I do
    If you broke me in two #Depression #heartbreak #Heartache