Right after I got married, I started getting these nauseous bouts right after dinner, where I would have to run to the bathroom, only to dry heave. I never vomited. It was so frustrating. People would joke, “You must be pregnant!” And I’m like, no, that’s not it. I would see a GI, and once he knew I was on meds for anxiety, he would then at each appointment, ask if I was still taking my meds, as if it was the 1800’s, and he was diagnosing me with hysteria. I’m like, no! There IS really something wrong with me! (Years later, I would be diagnosed with Gastroparesis).
So I was scheduled for an endoscopy and a colonoscopy. I did all the prep (fun!) and showed up. Well, they must not have given me enough anesthesia, because I was out enough that I couldn’t move, but I could hear and feel everything. I remember choking and gagging as they shoved the camera down my throat, while the nurses held me down. I could FEEL it inside me. Then it got worse.
The colonoscopy. I started screaming. The pain was awful. They just held me down and proceeded. They didn’t give me more stuff to knock me out, stop the procedure, nothing. I guess I finally fell asleep, bc I woke up in recovery. What happened didn’t fully sink in until about a week later. I wrote to the medical board, with the intent of getting that dr fired. All I got back was “The decision is confidential .” I still google him, to see if he’s still practicing. I’m afraid, what if this happens/happened to someone else?
Now when I have procedures with anesthesia, I get super anxious, and have the doctor promise up and down that I will be COMPLETELY out. That incident scarred me for life. #Gastroparesis #GIDiseases #Misdiagnosis #Anesthesiologist