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This DM is really getting on my nerves. With the exception of one wonderful individual I have been solicited for sex and contacted by somebody who changed their name three times. Then twice two different people have supposedly wanted me to invest in Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency. You can tell if you backtrack on their name and they have not posted on any groups and just have some people that they have contacted I guess through this app. They're not interested in healthcare or any of the things that we discuss on the Mighty. They are interested in trying to catch people who are stuck home are a little stressed out and are in need of money. Unfortunately with these two companies they are the same you have to invest money and it's a very precarious investment. I wonder why the mighty has not picked up on this. We are picked on by the mighty for certain things that we say yet I have had two distinct individuals that have no postings whatsoever and yet jumped onto this group and pretended to be part of it only to try to snag people so please be careful who you direct message and to the mighty staff please be on alert for these scammers.
# Anxiety # ADD #Fibromyalgia #CaudaEquinaSyndrome # Reynard's #Osteoporosis #Osteopenia
# Baastrupt syndrome
# Costachondritis #PeripheralNeuropathy # plica syndrome # pleurisy wet and dry# shingles #Angioedema hives

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World 🌎 Urticaria Day 2020

Urticariaday2020 -Who cares? ucare!

Who cares? UCARE!

Also in 2020, urticaria day (UDAY) remains a day where urticaria patients are the focus of attention. Now in its 6th year, UDAY is the opportunity to raise awareness of urticaria among patients, their families, doctors, politicians, the press and the rest of the world.

So join us on October 1st, 2020 by organizing your own UDAY event! A big focus this year will be on digital UDAY initiatives. Virtual congresses, educational webinars, digital art projects, social media campaigns and urticaria apps are all in the talks among participants, and perhaps we can use this opportunity to reach even further. Is there a better opportunity to set up a regional self-help group? Help make UDAY known to friends, family and other affected persons!

Be creative, and continue spreading the news about UDAY! Don’t forget to post all your events on the official urticaria day 2020 website so that your personal UDAY will be a complete success.

Every contribution counts!

Urticaria day 2020 is supported by the urticaria network e.V. (UNEV), the UCARE network and many organizations worldwide that are committed to improving the lives of patients with urticaria. #Urticaria #chronicidiopathicurticaria #AutoimmuneUrticaria #Angioedema #AutoimmuneDisease #RareDisease