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    Thought for the day

    A little pick me up for whomever she/he who needs it big 🫂 coming your way #Fibromyalgia #CPTSD #clustermigraine #Osteopenia #brittleastma #stressincontinence #Depression

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    These are my precious furry companions. Do you have any fur companions that are your life?

    Wow this time I was able to post a picture and they're together. In foreground is Gracie 13 yo we've been together for 12 1/2 years. The black blob at the top left is Merlin 9 yo I adopted him 2 years ago. He was considered unadoptable bc he's a black cat, overweight (20) lbs & has feline asthma. He was 20 lbs when I adopted him and weights the same no matter what I try. These furry creatures are my life. Gracie is my cuddle bunny after we lost both her fursisters (within 4 months of each other) who she grew up with, she literally stayed with me for the times I just cried for days. I felt badly for her bc she would search for her sisters everytime we had a shared time like meals or nitenite treats. So I got Merlin. No background on him,he's vocal loves the sounds of kittens crying makes biscuits while trilling hated being picked up no cuddling. I Taught him to use an inhaler for his asthma attacks. He recently had mini stroke, his personality changed for the better. Now likes to cuddle, calls for Gracie when it's nitenite treats or if he sees me outside or it's 5 minutes past time to eat he meows pitifully. Thank goodness for them.
    #ADHD #Anxiety #Arthritis #Fibromyalgia #Gout #Osteoporosis #Osteopenia
    #congenital Kyphosis #PeripheralNeuropathy
    #Bastrop Syndrome
    #bone spurs
    #Reynards Syndrome
    #Shingles # Shoulder impingement Syndrome
    #spinal stenosis #Cataracts

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    One small thing would be admitting that I’m a pessimist, I’ve coped with the fact that I have many illnesses, and there’s nothing I can do about it. Once you accept the things you cannot change, it really makes a difference. #PosturalOrthostaticTachycardiaSyndrome #ChronicInflammatoryDemyelinatingPolyneuropathy #Endometriosis #Osteopenia #ChronicDepression #Anxiety

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    If I looked Sick...

    If I looked sick, people would believe that I suffer from chronic illnesses.
    Sometimes I wish I didn’t suffer from an invisible illness, because I look healthy when I’m not at all.
    If I had an illness or disease that made me look like I was dying, I would receive the same respect as those who actually do look sick. I always hope to recieve the same respect as those who have visible disabilities, but I guess that’s just never going to happen.

    #AutonomicDysfunction #PosturalOrthostaticTachycardiaSyndrome #ChronicDepression #Anxiety #ChronicInflammatoryDemyelinatingPolyneuropathy #Osteopenia #Asthma #Schizophrenia


    Light at the end of tunnel is a train.

    Just when I thought I was getting some answers & help regarding my spine issues and my hands being swollen. All this crazy stuff with me difficulty getting doctor appointments. My new primary doctor sent me for blood work and I have some not great results. It seems my bun-creatine ratio is High+ MCHC is Low ( signs of anemia) Carbon Dioxide in blood is High- there was slight blood in urine but also noted Rare Hyaline cast in urine (indicator of kidney disease). I think I want to throw up I don't know whether I want to cry or scream in frustration and anger. Still waiting to see the rheumatologist about my swollen hands knuckles leg foot. Finish up with my nerve ablations in my lower spine. And now this. I'm sensing (feeling a panic pulse) a medical tsunami and I'm just waiting to get hit.
    #chronic pain
    #Costa chondritis
    #idiopathic Angioedema hives
    #Baastrop syndrome
    #rheumatoid Arthritis
    #Peripheral Neuropathy
    #raynaud 's syndrome
    #spinal stenosis
    #Bilateral impingement syndrome
    #Pleurisy W/D
    #Shingles in the left eye

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    I’m Dead Inside ☠️💀👻

    On the outside I look alive. On the inside I’m dead. I’m breathing but I feel lifeless. My heart feels full but I’m still craving for life. I just want to be happy. I’m tired of being depressed and angry all the time. I’m tired of being in pain. I wish I could I could just be normal and healthy, like people who honestly don’t deserve it.

    #AutonomicDysfunction #PosturalOrthostaticTachycardiaSyndrome #Depression #Anxiety #Osteopenia #ChronicInflammatoryDemyelinatingPolyneuropathy



    I posted on gaslighting and many other sites regarding my spinal issue/Dr issue. I'm going to say I was very upset about how I was treated or rather NOT treated but brushed aside. I took a deep breath after posting and barely getting any support I decided to pull back and put my energies into finding help. I'll be seeing another neurosurgeon in June getting another MRI. I've also started seeing my soft tissue therapist who is beyond medically educated and very up to date on world wide health updates in pain managment. He is currently using a new device, originally developed in Russia, then France now used all over Europe. But bc of USA crap FDA etc Big pharma would loose out, blah blah.
    Anyway the FIRST time he used the device on me I gained the ability to make it to the bathroom without accidents. We're now working on my sacrum and legs. I've already gained some strength and had some pain reduction. I will continue to post my progress this should be unique. This is NOT some snake oil remedy, can you imagine what would happen to the health care industry if we could heal ourselves! I hope someone reads this seriously. # ADHD # Baastrupt syndrome #Anxiety #Fibromyaliga #Reynards syndrome #Osteoporosis #Osteopenia #spinal Stenosis #lordosis # Kyphosis #Shingles

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    When the Other Shoe Drops Use the Damn It Doll.

    So today I get another phone call from my grandson's Aide. When that call comes in, and I miss it, and the voice mail is only 6 seconds long my heart drops. I'm his Guardian so something has happened. The last time it was horrific, that was in December. He just celebrated his
    24 th Birthday last month, his mother and I got him a upscale new TV. So today he is with other clients and staff in a van. One of the staff needed to use the facilities. As she's getting out of the van he bolts past her and into a small supermarket. He then proceeds to destroy about 1/3 of the store, and slaps a customer across the face. By this time the owner has ushered all customers out of the store closing the store. The extra staff from where he lives and the police arrive. (Now we have ppl outside trying to take pics of him) Police intervene thank God. They were in a different part of town it was not the same police that usually go to the house when he takes off or causes issues. And kudos to these three police officers who were more than kind and extended verbal and physical help in getting my grandson back into the van. My grandson was not ready to go and he was still in the state of raging psychosis. In the midst of getting him to settled down his aide she got kicked in the head so I'm praying she's all right. I am sick about this this is starting to ramp up he is on several medications including haldol. And then I have to call his mother who is in a nursing home and tell her what happened. I just feel like every ounce of energy has been sucked out of me. I'm so damn sick, myself I can barely move due to back probs. I'm so angry because there is no way to have proper consequences for this behavior because he's #mentally Challenged #Bipolar ,# Autism spectrum, #ADHD , #Hearing impaired, and also #Seizures . I think I'm going to beat the hell out of my daughters damn it doll, then take a nap.
    #Baastrupt syndrome
    # Bone spurs
    #Cauda Equine Syndrome #Costochondritis
    #hiatal Hernia
    # Peripheral Neuropathy
    # Pleurisy W/D
    #Raynard syndrome
    #spinal stenosis

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    I'M NOT FULL OF S**T !!!

    This DM is really getting on my nerves. With the exception of one wonderful individual I have been solicited for sex and contacted by somebody who changed their name three times. Then twice two different people have supposedly wanted me to invest in Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency. You can tell if you backtrack on their name and they have not posted on any groups and just have some people that they have contacted I guess through this app. They're not interested in healthcare or any of the things that we discuss on the Mighty. They are interested in trying to catch people who are stuck home are a little stressed out and are in need of money. Unfortunately with these two companies they are the same you have to invest money and it's a very precarious investment. I wonder why the mighty has not picked up on this. We are picked on by the mighty for certain things that we say yet I have had two distinct individuals that have no postings whatsoever and yet jumped onto this group and pretended to be part of it only to try to snag people so please be careful who you direct message and to the mighty staff please be on alert for these scammers.
    # Anxiety # ADD #Fibromyalgia #CaudaEquinaSyndrome # Reynard's #Osteoporosis #Osteopenia
    # Baastrupt syndrome
    # Costachondritis #PeripheralNeuropathy # plica syndrome # pleurisy wet and dry# shingles #Angioedema hives

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    Just another day with Chronic Illness

    Hey ya’ll,
    Just wanted to introduce myself to the community - my name is Lexis, 25, living with multiple Chronic Illnesses. Just looking to relate to others. Have yet to meet people with the number of conditions I suffer with. That’s also kind’of hard when you spend most of your life in the hospital and home in bed due to some symptom from some illness. Not to forget, COVID, too. Being immunocompromised seriously makes life so much more difficult. Just going somewhere outside of your safe bubble (home) is a danger and puts you at risk. If I’m not home I’m usually at a doctor’s appointment. I’m sure many of you can relate. I get the simple cold or flu and 95% of the time that’s another admission in the books.

    Currently dependent on a feeding tube for nutrition. Current heart monitor connected for a month to monitor my heart conditions. And a double lumen central line placed from time to time for medications & antibiotics. Extra measures used to simply use the bathroom (bowel movements) due to my body being unable on its own (lack of motility).

    Anyway, this is not a pity post, I promise. Just looking for people that can relate to atleast some of my situations. I currently live alone..starting a new job soon and school. I’m very excited. Introduction pretty much over with.

    Hope everyone has a fabulous day no matter your challenges ♥️

    #ChronicIllness #Dysautonomia #PosturalOrthostaticTachycardiaSyndrome #ChronicRenalInsufficiency #Gastroparesis #PsuedoBartterSyndrome #GastroesophagealRefluxDisease #LazyBowelSyndrome #IntestionalMalabsorption #ProlongedQTcSyndrome #SupraventricularTachycardia #microcyticanemia #Pancytopenia #Immunocompromised #Osteopenia #Asthma #SevereAllergies #SeizureDisorder #IdiopathicHypoglycemia