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I’m new here!

Hi, my name is dapperbass58721. I’m here because I’m being financial abused by my mother, I have cauda equina syndrome, anxiety and depression and on a day to day basis I get screamed at and told horrific things to hurt my feelings, I live with her, I have a spinal cord injury, I can’t walk without aid, I’m incontinent in bowels and bladder, I have a super puebic catheter and I have to manual evacuate. I’ve lost all 4 nerves in my legs, can’t feel my toes, can’t feel my bladder or my bowels, and my sexual functions are also destroyed. I spent 13 months before being diagnosed back and fourth from the GP, hospitals and spine units being told that it was Sciatica - until it was too late. A&E completely wronged me and now I’m suffering for the rest of my life, my mother blames me but because It seriously hurt and I was crying all the time because I couldn’t handle my nerves trapping between my spine, I had to have two operations and spend months in hospital, she told me to keep doing the exercises and screamed and shouted at me, and said I was making it up in my head. I’m looking for any advice or just people to talk to in general because I have no friends, nobody to really talk to and she’s convinced my full family that I am to blame for everything, she’s definetly twisted everybody’s opinion on me. I’m worried about her finding out about this site, she keeps all the money and tells me what I can and can’t buy, she says I’m wasting money on things I don’t need for example a monthly pill organiser as I’m on loss of tablets and find it hard to keep track. I don’t have any general knowledge about how I should go moving out when she takes everything, always has done. council I’m sure won’t help as they have enough going on and I don’t want to be homeless on the street. I have mental and physical health issues and I need equipment, commode, shower stool, walking sticks, as I have no power in my feet I have to drag myself around and hold up with my arms. this is a very traumatic situation but I’m curious as to what advice people can help with..

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To much to bare today

Hi peeps,
The last few days have been so tough, the pain and fatigue is just too much to bare. I am staying strong the best I can .. Still grateful to you all who care ❤ sending positivity a d hope to you all 🙏

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#CaudaEquinaSyndrome .

Hi guys , had a bit of a shock today , I have been told that I may have CES, it has been just over 2 .5 years since my symptoms started on a constant basis so it has been a slow progress
I was told I had sciatica for years treated with naproxen and Co codamol , it helped take the pinch away for a short spell but it has never gone away . I have had a number of falls because of my left leg not lifting as it should , but we just put that down to my clumsy self. At the beginning of the week my mri results showed I had some bulging discs ..the pain has slowly gotten worse and I am having incontinence issues ( not very nice) I am going In to hospital to have further tests because it could be mistaken for Giltelmans syndrome. I was only talking to someone on the mighty this morning about them having sciatica.. the irony.. fingers crossed guys ..thanks for letting me vent frustrated but I still have hope.


2.5yrs after surgery with cauda equina

#CaudaEquinaSyndrome meant I had to have emergency surgery 2.5 yrs ago and I’ve managed daily pain ever since. Covid has recently caused a relapse in pain, piriformis syndrome and nerve damage. I’m struggling to stay positive. How do you lot cope? I’ve started with a PT but aside from a few moment I just feel tired, sore and stiff constantly.

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This DM is really getting on my nerves. With the exception of one wonderful individual I have been solicited for sex and contacted by somebody who changed their name three times. Then twice two different people have supposedly wanted me to invest in Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency. You can tell if you backtrack on their name and they have not posted on any groups and just have some people that they have contacted I guess through this app. They're not interested in healthcare or any of the things that we discuss on the Mighty. They are interested in trying to catch people who are stuck home are a little stressed out and are in need of money. Unfortunately with these two companies they are the same you have to invest money and it's a very precarious investment. I wonder why the mighty has not picked up on this. We are picked on by the mighty for certain things that we say yet I have had two distinct individuals that have no postings whatsoever and yet jumped onto this group and pretended to be part of it only to try to snag people so please be careful who you direct message and to the mighty staff please be on alert for these scammers.
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# Baastrupt syndrome
# Costachondritis #PeripheralNeuropathy # plica syndrome # pleurisy wet and dry# shingles #Angioedema hives

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Keeping Hope!

#CaudaEquinaSyndrome even through rough times and good times and even just regular days are hard for me, I keep having hope. It’s the only thing that I have to hang on to. Especial when those around me don’t understand my struggle is always there. No matter what day it is.


Brain Drain in Pain

So I was texting (using the microphone)to my daughter. I told her I had an appointment with the
" Prostate dentist" tomorrow for a small issue. 🙄So I sent another text correcting it and said prosthodontist, because I'm mom😂. Then I reread original and started laughing even more..."prostate dentist for a SMALL issue"😂🤣🤣 sorry guys.
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# Cauda Equina Syndrome
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#spinal Stenosis


I can’t breathe

I did well for the first six months. As a battle hardened trauma nurse, my brain leaped to action mode. It was summer and I was furloughed from work. My five year old helped me make cards to mail to friends/family. Adrenaline fueled me as my fight reaction kicked in.

Now, I CAN’T BREATHE! I don’t want to eat. Working from home with my husband and child in 800 square feet. Isolation due to his high risk lung disease. A new high pressure job adds to the stress. I wake up and cry. I cry at lunch. I bawl before bed. Guilt eats me alive as I see the messes pile up. Shame seranades me knowing my kiddo is watching videos all day. I always wanted to me a mom. It took six rounds of treatment to get our miracle girl. I was so engaged until my spinal column collapse. Everything changed. I was diagnosed bipolar after surgery but, ADHD will always rule supreme in my head.

I miss my social life. There is no fun. Nothing to look forward to. Hugs are my favorite. My husband has to deal with this alone. I want to curl up in bed and be alone for the next 2 days.
#BipolarDisorder #CaudaEquinaSyndrome #ADHD #Isolation

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