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Service Dogs are Expensive

Because insurance doesn't cover any part of getting a service dog, it is a very expensive process. From food, medical care, training, and boarding for 2+ years during their time training, most service dogs from programs cost $30,000 or more! Non-profits rely on donations to help disabled individuals receive their dog, while for-profit companies require payment directly from the individuals.

Check out my story here and learn more!

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My Service Dog Journey

My name is Elizabeth, I'm 22 and in the process of getting a psychiatric service dog! I have an ESA cat, but my health care team and I determined that a service dog is what I need now. I knew I couldn't train a dog myself, so I searched for 2 years for the perfect organization for me... I'm now working with an organization called Little Angels Service Dogs! They're absolutely wonderful and I can't wait to receive my little angel 😇 🐕‍🦺💜 #ServiceDog #psychiatricservicedog #AssistanceAnimal

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