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Service Dogs are Expensive

Because insurance doesn't cover any part of getting a service dog, it is a very expensive process. From food, medical care, training, and boarding for 2+ years during their time training, most service dogs from programs cost $30,000 or more! Non-profits rely on donations to help disabled individuals receive their dog, while for-profit companies require payment directly from the individuals.

Check out my story here and learn more!

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Have had a service dog 12 years living in Florida and every doctor or business verbally harass us. Does any law state that an old black female can't have the ADA or police protection?


Psychiatric Service Dog?

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My husband and I are bringing home a two month old puppy on Thursday.

I learned earlier today that you can have a service dog just at home, which is what I need.

I have OCD, C-PTSD, and anxiety with depressive episodes. I’d like to train him to distract me when I’m having an anxiety attack/having high anxiety, have him demand attention when I’m in a depressive episode, etc.

I can go days or weeks being completely okay and then something little will trigger me. How would that work with having a service dog?

Thank you!

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Fake-spotting needs to stop

We got called a fake service dog team today. I'm still not sure why other than he wasn't vested he was paying attention to me and following any commands he wasn't sniffing excessively or anything naughty. And yet another SD team tried to get us kicked out of the store??? I didn't think I'd have to prove myself to other teams. Picture of the good boy for tax. #ServiceDog #ServiceDogsForChronicPain #PsychiatricServiceDogs

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Any service dog advice?

We've only had this sweet man a few weeks and are still building basic commands and trust but soon I'm starting more complex commands. I was just wondering if any of the mighties have advice for us. #ServiceDog #ServiceAnimals #PsychiatricServiceDogs